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Bobby (2006) 7

Bobby (2006)

Storyline:Tuesday, June 4, 1968: the California Presidential primary. As day breaks, Robert F. Kennedy arrives at the Ambassador Hotel. He'll campaign, then speak to supporters at midnight. To capture the texture of t...

LBJ (2016) – IMDb 6.4

LBJ (2016) – IMDb

Storyline:LBJ centers on the political upheaval that Vice President Johnson faced when he was thrust into the presidency at the hands of an assassin's bullet in November 1963. With political battles on both sides of t...

Lincoln (2012) 7.4

Lincoln (2012)

Storyline:In 1865, as the American Civil War winds inexorably toward conclusion, U.S. president Abraham Lincoln endeavors to achieve passage of the landmark constitutional amendment which will forever ban slavery from...