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The Choice (2016) 6.6

The Choice (2016)

Storyline:In a small coastal town, the veterinarian Travis Shaw works with his father Shep and is very close to his beloved sister Steph. Travis is very successful with the women and dates Monica every now and then. W...

Warm Bodies (2013) 6.8

Warm Bodies (2013)

Storyline:With much of the world's population now an undead horde, R is a young and oddly introspective zombie. While fighting with and feeding on a human scavenger party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect he...

Lights Out (2016) 6.3

Lights Out (2016)

Storyline:A man called Paul is working after hours and is murdered by a supernatural entity in the shadow. When his son, the boy Martin, is frightened by the same creature, he sees his mother Sophie talking to an imag...

Ride Like a Girl (2019) 6.5

Ride Like a Girl (2019)

Storyline:The story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.User Reviews: Despite its negative aspects, the third act of the film is highly inspirational and did make me a little teary-eyed...

The Ever After (2015) 6.2

The Ever After (2015)

Storyline:Ava and Thomas live--to outside eyes--the good life, complete with a child and a lovely home in Los Angeles, but something is lost. Ava has placed her acting career on hold to play the mother and good wife, ...

December Boys (2007) 6.2

December Boys (2007)

Storyline:For many years, four teenage orphans at an Australian outback convent have watched their younger comrades find new parents, and realize that they may never be adopted. The Reverend Mother sends the four boys...

Restraint (2008) 6.2

Restraint (2008)

Storyline:Two fugitives land in hot water when they take a hostage who poses a threat to their well-being.User Reviews:

Message from the King (2017) 6.3

Message from the King (2017)

Storyline:On a relentless quest to avenge his sister's murder, a man from Cape Town infiltrates a sprawling network of lowlifes and elites in Los Angeles.User Reviews: I'm a sucker for revenge thrillers, essentially a...

Wish You Were Here (2012) 5.9

Wish You Were Here (2012)

Storyline:Four friends lose themselves in a carefree South-East Asian holiday. Only three come back. Dave and Alice return home to their young family desperate for answers about Jeremy's mysterious disappearance. When...

Kill Me Three Times (2014) 5.9

Kill Me Three Times (2014)

Storyline:Professional hit-man Charlie Wolfe finds himself in three tales of murder, blackmail and revenge after a botched contract assignment.User Reviews: With it's upbeat music and sunny weather KMTT is much darker...

Berlin Syndrome (2017) 6.3

Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Storyline:While holidaying in Berlin, Australian photojournalist Clare meets Andi, a charismatic local man, and there is an instant attraction between them. A night of passion ensues. But what initially appears to be ...

2:22 (2017) 5.8

2:22 (2017)

Storyline:A clever, roller-coaster thriller that centers on Dylan an air traffic controller who is given a jolt when he narrowly escapes being responsible for a mid air collision between two passenger planes. Caused b...