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In God’s Hands (1998) 5.7

In God’s Hands (1998)

Storyline:In God's Hands is the story of big wave riders that go all over the globe searching to ride bigger and bigger waves. The story mostly follows Shane Dorian and his obsession with surfing. It also follows how ...

Isolated (2013) 6.2

Isolated (2013)

Storyline:A group of feral surfers and modern day explorers embark on a journey to search for one of the world's last undiscovered waves in the journalist dead zone island of New Guinea. Their adventure becomes all to...

Costa Rican Summer (2010) 2.7

Costa Rican Summer (2010)

Storyline:A titillating teen comedy, a young surfer and his friends head to Costa Rica to save his beautiful aunt's beach motel, resurrect an old surf champion and find enough waves and women to make for a totally tas...

North Shore (1987) 6.5

North Shore (1987)

Storyline:Before entering art school, Rick Kane sets out to surf the big wave season on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, after winning a surfing contest in an Arizona wave pool by his home. Once in Hawaii, he immediat...

A Scene at the Sea (1991) 7.5

A Scene at the Sea (1991)

Storyline:Born with a hearing impairment, Shigeru is a part timer working for the sanitation service. His girlfriend Takako has the same condition as well. On his usual pickup route, Shigeru finds a broken surf-board ...

Blue Crush (2002) 5.9

Blue Crush (2002)

Storyline:Nothing gets between Anne Marie and her board. Living in a beach shack with three roommates, she is up before dawn every morning to conquer the waves and count the days until the Pipe Masters competition. Ha...

Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania (2017) 5.9

Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania (2017)

Storyline:An animated comedy that features WWE Superstars, providing their own voices while matching up against talking animals.User Reviews:

Orange County (2002) 6.0

Orange County (2002)

Storyline:Shaun Brumder is a local surfer kid from Orange County who dreams of going to Stanford to become a writer and to get away from his disfunctional family household. Except Shaun runs into one complication afte...

Love Has Many Faces (1965) 5.0

Love Has Many Faces (1965)

Storyline:A woman (Lana Turner) lives in Acapulco with moochers and a husband (Cliff Robertson) who married her for her money.User Reviews:

Teen Beach Movie (2013) 6.5

Teen Beach Movie (2013)

Storyline:Cowabunga! Catch a perfect wave of fun in the sun, splashed with excitement, surprises and budding romance. Life's a beach for surfers Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) until a rogue wave magic...

The Endless Summer (1966) 7.8

The Endless Summer (1966)

Storyline:They call it The Endless Summer the ultimate surfing adventure, crossing the globe in search of the perfect wave. From the uncharted waters of West Africa, to the shark-filled seas of Australia, to the tropi...

Step Into Liquid (2003) 7.5

Step Into Liquid (2003)

Storyline:Surfers and secret spots from around the world are profiled in this documentary.User Reviews: 'Step Into Liquid' director and writer carries on the torch of his father, Bruce Brown's legacy with an even more...

Big Wednesday (1978) 7.3

Big Wednesday (1978)

Storyline:Matt Johnson, Jack Barlow, and Leroy Smith are three young California surfers in the 1960s. At first reveling in the carefree life of beaches, girls, and waves, they eventually must face the fact that the wo...

Under an Arctic Sky (2017) 7.1

Under an Arctic Sky (2017)

Storyline:Six surfers set sail along the frozen shores of Iceland as the worst storm in twenty-five years is about to arrive.User Reviews: If for nothing else it is worth watching for the scenes. But as an icelander i...

Soul Surfer (2011) 7.1

Soul Surfer (2011)

Storyline:13 year-old Bethany Hamilton is a champion surfer who was born to be in the water. But after a fun night out night surfing and what should be a fun day in the water, she is attacked by a shark and loses her ...

Point Break (1991) 7.2

Point Break (1991)

Storyline:In Los Angeles, California, a gang of bank robbers call themselves The Ex-Presidents. commit their crimes while wearing masks of ex-Presidents Reagan, Carter, Nixon, and Johnson. The F.B.I. believes that the...

Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton (2017) 7.2

Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton (2017)

Storyline:This is the remarkable story of an American icon who changed the sport of big wave surfing forever. Transcending the surf genre, this in-depth portrait of a hard-charging athlete explores the fear, courage a...

Ride (2014) 5.7

Ride (2014)

Storyline:A mother travels cross-country to California to be with her son after he decides to drop out of school and become a surfer.User Reviews: It is a 2nd directional feature for Helen Hunt. She also starred in a ...

Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014) 6.5

Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014)

Storyline:Nicko and his brother take off from Canada in search of an easier life on the beaches of Colombia. Nicko meets a girl in the local village and they quickly fall in love, only for Nicko to later find out that...