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"9-1-1" What’s Next? (TV Episode 2020) 8.5

"9-1-1" What’s Next? (TV Episode 2020)

Storyline:The 118 rush to save lives in the aftermath of a massive train derailment.User Reviews: Who is the trailer park owner person? He is not listed in the cast.

Camp Takota (2014) 6.3

Camp Takota (2014)

Storyline:With her personal and professional life in shambles, Elise ends up having to take a job as a counselor at her old summer camp. There, she reunites with two estranged friends who attended camp and never left....

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008) 4.5

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Storyline:It's summer camp as usual at Camp Manabe where the kids torment each other for fun while the underpaid camp staff provides as little supervision as possible. Greedy camp owner Frank and junior partner Ronnie...

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988) 5.8

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)

Storyline:Angela Baker, a psychotic transsexual, escapes from a mental hospital and surfaces at a summer camp as a counselor who lectures her teenage charges on proper moral behavior. Those teens who break her strict ...

Happy Campers (2001) 5.4

Happy Campers (2001)

Storyline:Chaos and rampant hormones reign when teenage counselors are left in charge during their summer-camp director's absence.User Reviews:

Summer Camp (1979) 4.7

Summer Camp (1979)

Storyline:The director of a failing summer camp decides to invite campers from ten years ago for a free weekend event, hoping that he can trick them into fixing up the place and also get their families to provide them...

Advance & Retreat (2016) 5.7

Advance & Retreat (2016)

Storyline:Life is good for marketing professional Allison, she’s well on her way to earning a stellar promotion all while dating equally successful co-worker Bryce. Her biggest rival for the position, Vanessa, has the...

Rum 213 (2017) 4.8

Rum 213 (2017)

Storyline:Elvira goes to summer camp and is scared to death of not making any friends. Mysterious things also start to happen, things that can't be explained… unless you believe in ghosts.User Reviews:

Little Darlings (1980) 6.7

Little Darlings (1980)

Storyline:Two 15-year old girls from different sides of the tracks compete to see who will be first to lose their virginity while at camp.User Reviews: ***A fun romp about girls wanting to lose their virginity… or som...

Camp (2003) 5.6

Camp (2003)

Storyline:Misfits in their lives back home, a group of young people live it up at musical-theater camp. While the sports counselor is completely ignored, the kids' spend all their time in rehearsal for a grueling sche...

Piranha (1978) 5.9

Piranha (1978)

Storyline:When flesh-eating piranhas are accidentally released into a summer resort's rivers, the guests become their next meal. Written by Concorde - New Horizons (with permission).User Reviews: RELEA...

The Story of Us (1999) 5.9

The Story of Us (1999)

Storyline:Ben and Katie married fifteen years ago and gifted with two children. They stay together but their hearts had separated long back. After the kids are send to summer camp both start living separately and even...

Ernest Goes to Camp (1987) 5.5

Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)

Storyline:At the beginning Ernest gets a shot by Miss. St.cloud then they get a group of kids from a institution. Then Ernest becomes a camp counselor. Later on Ernest gets bit by fire ants at a picnic with Nurse St.c...

Meatballs (1979) 6.2

Meatballs (1979)

Storyline:Summer Camp highjinks centered around a camp counselor with a wacky sense of humor. He tries to help the campers have a good time. One camper named Rudy poses a particular challenge as he has a self-esteem p...

Heavy Weights (1995) 6.7

Heavy Weights (1995)

Storyline:11-year-old Gerald "Gerry" Garner lives in Long Island, New York, and he's overweight. Gerry's parents Maury and Mrs. Garner decide to send Gerry to Camp Hope, a camp for overweight boys. The camp is owned b...

Summer Camp (2015) – IMDb 5.1

Summer Camp (2015) – IMDb

Storyline:Four young Americans travel to Europe to work as counsellors for a summer camp there. Before the kids arrive, however, a rage-inducing, demonic disease spread rapidly from animal to person, resulting in the ...

You Might Be the Killer (2018) 6.1

You Might Be the Killer (2018)

Storyline:A camp counselor suffering from blackouts finds himself surrounded by murder victims. He turns to his horror movie enthusiast friend for advice, and to contend with the idea he may be the killer.User Reviews...

The Burning (1981) 6.5

The Burning (1981)

Storyline:A janitor at a summer camp is accidently burned severely from a prank. Years later, he is released from an institute, and returns to the camp with a pair of hedge clippers to take revenge on the campers. ...

The Parent Trap (1961) 7.1

The Parent Trap (1961)

Storyline:Hayley Mills plays twins who, unknown to their divorced parents, meet at a summer camp. Products of single parent households, they switch places so as to meet the parent they never knew, and then contrive to...