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National Security (2003) 5.7

National Security (2003)

Storyline:Earl and Hank have only one thing in common: they're both L.A.P.D. rejects. One just got kicked out, the other can't even get in. After confronting each other on opposite sides of the law during a traffic st...

Cowboys (2020) 5

Cowboys (2020)

Storyline:A troubled but well-intentioned father who has recently separated from his wife runs off with his trans son into the Montana wilderness after his ex-wife's refusal to let their son live as his authentic self...

Strange Wilderness (2008) 5.3

Strange Wilderness (2008)

Storyline:When his father dies, Peter Gaulke inherits "Strange Wilderness," dad's TV show about animals. After ratings plummet and the show is canceled, we watch a long flashback to see its demise. The studio head giv...

Rescue Dawn (2006) 7.3

Rescue Dawn (2006)

Storyline:In 1965, while bombing Laos in a classified mission, the propeller plane of the German-American US Navy pilot Dieter Dengler is hit and crashes in the jungle. Dieter is arrested by the peasants, tortured by ...

Riding in Cars with Boys (2001) 6.5

Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)

Storyline:Seriocomic story based on the memoir by Beverly Donofrio, the movie follows a young woman who finds her life radically altered by an event from her teen years. Born in 1950, Beverly grew up bright and ambiti...

Shattered Glass (2003) 7.1

Shattered Glass (2003)

Storyline:This film tells the true story of fraudulent Washington, D.C. journalist Stephen Glass (Christensen), who rose to meteoric heights as a young writer in his 20s, becoming a staff writer at "The New Republic" ...

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) 7.4

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

Storyline:Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own...

Tall Girl (2019) 6.1

Tall Girl (2019)

Storyline:Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, has always felt uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of slouching, being made fun of, and avoiding attention at all costs, Jodi finally decides to find th...

Forces of Nature (1999) 5.4

Forces of Nature (1999)

Storyline:Ben Holmes, a professional book-jacket blurbologist, is trying to get to Savannah for his wedding. He just barely catches the last plane, but a seagull flies into the engine as the plane is taking off. All l...

Safe Men (1998) 5.7

Safe Men (1998)

Storyline:Two untalented singers are mistaken for a pair of major league safe crackers in Providence, Rhode Island. The two are pressed into service by the local hoodlums and quickly find themselves in conflict with t...

Daddy Day Care (2003) 5.8

Daddy Day Care (2003)

Storyline:Two men get laid off and have to become stay-at-home dads when they can't find jobs, which inspires them to open their own day-care center.User Reviews:

Race the Sun (1996) 5.3

Race the Sun (1996)

Storyline:A bunch of high school misfits in Hawaii, introduced by their new teacher, attend a science fair in which they draw up inspiration to build their own solar car and win a trip to compete in the 1990 World Sol...

Chain of Fools (2000) 6.0

Chain of Fools (2000)

Storyline:An avid detective is assigned to investigate the heist of a batch of precious coins that end up in the hands of a suicidal barber.User Reviews:

Where’d You Go, Bernadette (2019) 6.7

Where’d You Go, Bernadette (2019)

Storyline:When architect-turned-recluse Bernadette Fox goes missing prior to a family trip to Antarctica, her 15-year-old daughter Bee goes on a quest with Bernadette's husband to find her.User Reviews:

Saving Silverman (2001) 5.5

Saving Silverman (2001)

Storyline:A pair of buddies conspire to save their best friend from marrying the wrong woman, a cold-hearted beauty who snatches him from them and breaks up their Neil Diamond cover band.User Reviews:

Happy, Texas (1999) 5.6

Happy, Texas (1999)

Storyline:Two escaped convicts roll into the village of Happy, Texas, where they're mistaken for a gay couple who work as beauty pageant consultants. They go along with it to duck the police, but the local sheriff has...

Bandidas (2006) 5.9

Bandidas (2006)

Storyline:Set in the late 19th century. When a ruthless robber baron takes away everything they cherish, a rough-and-tumble, idealistic peasant and a sophisticated heiress embark on a quest for justice, vengeance…and ...

A Perfect Getaway (2009) 6.5

A Perfect Getaway (2009)

Storyline:For their honeymoon, newlyweds Cliff and Cydney head to the tropical islands of Hawaii. While journeying through the paradisaical countryside the couple encounters Kale and Cleo, two disgruntled hitchhikers ...

Knights of Badassdom (2013) 5.7

Knights of Badassdom (2013)

Storyline:In a valiant but pointless attempt to cheer up their freshly-dumped friend and former Dungeons and Dragons legend, Joe, two enthusiastic Live Action Role Players--Eric, a 27-level Grand Sorcerer in the makin...

Employee of the Month (2004) 6.2

Employee of the Month (2004)

Storyline:"Employee of the Month" is about a guy whose day spirals from bad to worse when he gets fired from his dream job at the bank and is dumped by his fiancée Sara. David's best friend Jack tries to convince him ...

Sahara (2005) 6

Sahara (2005)

Storyline:Master explorer and former US Navy Seal Dirk Pitt and his wisecracking buddy Al Giordino goes on the adventure of a lifetime of seeking out a lost Civil War ironclad battleship known as the "Ship of Death" t...

Joy Ride (2001) 6.6

Joy Ride (2001)

Storyline:College student Lewis decides to drive across the country to see Venna, a friend who doesn't know that Lewis is interested in her romantically. Unfortunately for his plans, Lewis gets saddled with his raucou...