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Wednesday 04:45 (2015) 6.8

Wednesday 04:45 (2015)

Storyline:Stelios is the owner of a Jazz Club in Athens. A few years ago, through the help of his former associate Vassos, Stelios received a business loan from the Romanian in order to renovate his club. In 2010, the...

Mr. Holmes (2015) 6.9

Mr. Holmes (2015)

Storyline:The story is set in 1947, following a long-retired Holmes living in a Sussex village with his housekeeper and her young son. But then he finds himself haunted by a thirty-year old case. Holmes memory isn't w...

Kaddipudi (2013) 7.4

Kaddipudi (2013)

Storyline:An Indian Kannada crime film directed by Suri and produced by M. Chandru. The story revolves around Kaddipudi, a rowdy sheeter who yearns for a peaceful life. But politicians like Renukaji, his son Gaali and...

Father vs. Son (2010) 6.3

Father vs. Son (2010)

Storyline:A comedy centered around a newly divorced guy (Wolff) who moves in with his son (Dean) and joins him on the singles scene.User Reviews:

My Son! My Son! (1979) 6.7

My Son! My Son! (1979)

Storyline:Parents campaign to change the law for families who have suffered from violent crime, after their son is murdered.User Reviews: Fantastic, this is genuinely a fantastic film. The first 5 minutes had me sobbi...

The Master Strikes Back (1985) 6.1

The Master Strikes Back (1985)

Storyline:A famous weapons instructor goes on a killing spree, packed with martial arts, after his son is kidnapped and castrated.User Reviews: Even though the studio had officially closed the preceding year, the Shaw...

Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) 7.1

Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020)

Storyline:The narrative revolves around Bantu (Allu Arjun), a skilled middle-class man who is despised and often neglected by his father Valmiki (Murali Sharma). What Bantu doesn't know is that he's actually the son o...

Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) 7.8

Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975)

Storyline:Jeanne Dielman, a lonely young widow, lives with her son Sylvain following an immutable order: while the boy is in school, she cares for their apartment, does chores, and receives clients in the afternoon. ...

A Family Divided (TV Movie 1995) 5.9

A Family Divided (TV Movie 1995)

Storyline:College swimmer Chad Billingsley is his middle class family's pride and joy. After a moody phase of scared denial, he owns up to father, attorney Roger, that Rosalie Frank, the provocatively dressed waitress...

Serious Men (2020) 7.6

Serious Men (2020)

Storyline:Tormented with his 'under-privileged' societal status, a father capitalizes on his son's newfound fame as a boy-genius. Little does he realize that the secret he harbors will destroy the very thing he loves ...

Seized (2020)

Storyline:Nero, a former special forces agent, has moved to a quiet beach town to raise his son leaving his past life behind, but he gets rudely awakened by a phone call from a modulated voice telling him that his son...

Uda Aida (2019) 7.8

Uda Aida (2019)

Storyline:A poor family has to cope with rich kids and their parents when their son is enrolled into a prestigious school.User Reviews: I don't have word to praise this epic ... it is Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee one word for ...

Another World (2018) 5.6

Another World (2018)

Storyline:Hiroshi Takamura makes makes high-grade charcoals at a charcoal kiln that he inherited from his father. He has a wife, Hatsuno, and a son Akira, who is going through a rebellious phase. Hiroshi is indifferen...

Android Kunjappan Ver 5.25 (2019) 8.3

Android Kunjappan Ver 5.25 (2019)

Storyline:Story of a conventional, conservative small town villager and his son who has to move away from home due to his profession. Their relationship gets an endearing twist when an AI humanoid enters their lives a...

Aliens Stole My Body (2020) 4.2

Aliens Stole My Body (2020)

Storyline:The Galactic Patrol is back - but they've lost Deputy Rod Allbright's body. It's been stolen by B'KR, the most fiendish villain in the galaxy, which leaves Rod's mind sharing one body with his annoying cousi...

This Was a Woman (1948) 7.1

This Was a Woman (1948)

Storyline:The woman that was here is Sylvia Russell, who is a bit power mad and has some set goals. In order to achieve those goals she is sadistically devoted to her son and daughter, able to possess and direct them;...

Puddin’ Head (1941) 6.4

Puddin’ Head (1941)

Storyline:Harold l. Montgomery, the scatterbrain vice-president of the United Broadcasing System, is dismayed when he learns that one-foot of the ground on which the station's imposing new structure has been built is ...

Monolith (2017) 5.1

Monolith (2017)

Storyline:A mother and her son plan a surprise visit to Los Angeles to see her husband/his father. Halfway there they get into a terrible accident in the middle of nowhere and now must fight to survive.User Reviews: *...

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) 6.9

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974)

Storyline:After her husband dies, Alice and her son, Tommy, leave their small New Mexico town for California, where Alice hopes to make a new life for herself as a singer. Money problems force them to settle in Arizon...

The Savages (2007) 6.9

The Savages (2007)

Storyline:A sister and brother face the realities of familial responsibility as they begin to care for their ailing father.User Reviews:

The Juror (1996) 5.4

The Juror (1996)

Storyline:With his gangster boss on trial for murder, a mob thug known as User Reviews:

Variety (1925) 7.6

Variety (1925)

Storyline:Prologue: The murderer "Boss" Huller - after having spent ten years in prison - breaks his silence to tell the warden his story. "Boss", a former trapeze artist, and his wife own a cheap side-show that displ...

Stranger at My Door (1956) 6.7

Stranger at My Door (1956)

Storyline:Notorious outlaw Clay Anderson and gang rob the town bank and flee in separate directions. Riding hard, Clay's horse goes lame and he is forced to pull-up at a nearby farm. He soon discovers that the place b...

Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter (TV Movie 2019) 5.7

Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter (TV Movie 2019)

Storyline:A revealing look at the life of Victoria Gotti, the daughter of notorious mob boss John Gotti.User Reviews: I really enjoyed Victoria's perspective on her family life and upbringing. She's very articulate an...