Tag: Siu-Tung Ching

Duel to the Death (1983) 7.2

Duel to the Death (1983)

Storyline:One of the last of the Old School Hong Kong martial arts flicks, this one deals with a legendary competition in swordplay and fighting that ends up being fought between two great warriors, a Chinese man and ...

Naked Weapon (2002) 5.6

Naked Weapon (2002)

Storyline:Details the workings of a mysterious assassination organization, (codenamed: Naked Weapon), led by its globally feared and master assassin, Fiona Birch. It essays the modus operandi of Fiona where she assass...

Stroke of Death (1979) 6.3

Stroke of Death (1979)

Storyline:Ching, a small-time crook, is sent to prison. There he meets a one-eyed master who has been sentenced to death. Shortly before he is executed, he gives Ching a wooden keepsake, half of which is missing, and ...