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Luna (2014) 7.1

Luna (2014)

Storyline:Grant and Christine are still struggling with the storm of grief following the death of their baby. They visit an old friend, Dean, with his new girlfriend Freya, in their isolated house by the sea. Dean tri...

Righteous Villains (2020) 6.7

Righteous Villains (2020)

Storyline:A modern day tale of good vs evil, secret societies, sorcery and Satan.User Reviews: This film tries very hard to shock you too think, and you will. lots of subplot and hidden depth. Not for the easily Offen...

Fortuna (2020) 5.3

Fortuna (2020)

Storyline:Three children, a faraway planet, a secret they share. And a monster.User Reviews:

Acts of Revenge (2020) 4.4

Acts of Revenge (2020)

Storyline:Gordon is confronting with every parent's nightmare when his adolescent son David is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Police pursue a few weak leads but fail to find the killer. Gordon and his wife Carrie's l...

Secret Society (2021) 5.3

Secret Society (2021)

Storyline:Celess and Tina play the game too well to be considered your average gold diggers. And they're winning too. But when the jaw-dropping secret they both share is exposed, the same shovel that got them out of t...

Take Back (2021) 5.4

Take Back (2021)

Storyline:Zara (Gillian White) and Brian (Michael Jai White) are living the perfect small town life when a mysterious stranger from Zara's secret past kidnaps their daughter and now they must race to save her life.Use...

The Winter Lake (2020) 7.8

The Winter Lake (2020)

Storyline:When Holly's dark secret is accidentally uncovered by her new emotionally unstable neighbor Tom, they are pulled into a violent confrontation with her father, who will do anything to keep the secret hidden.U...

11 Flowers (2011) 7.1

11 Flowers (2011)

Storyline:11-year-old Wang lives with his family in a remote village in China. Life is tough, but they make the most of what little they have. When Wang is selected to lead his school's daily gymnastics, his teacher r...

A Simple Twist of Fate (1994) 6.4

A Simple Twist of Fate (1994)

Storyline:Michael McCann is a man who feels totally betrayed by the world, after his wife revealed to him that their child was not his. A few years after his break-up we find him living alone in a small town. But, eve...

The Sinners (2020) 4.7

The Sinners (2020)

Storyline:An A-List Girl clique starts a secret cult where each of them must embody one of the seven deadly sins. They realize there's more to their small religious town after they go missing one by one.User Reviews: ...

Holden On (2017) 6.8

Holden On (2017)

Storyline:Holden Layfield helps audiences through his harrowing tale in this film set in the early 1990s. After succumbing to a secret battle with mental illness, 17-year old Holden devolves from a gregarious, small-t...

Flying Objects – A State Secret (2020)

Storyline:Explore new, fascinating data gathered by military, government, and private organizations in key geopolitical countries, leading many to believe that a unified human effort should be undertaken to study extr...

Leaves of the Tree (2016) 5.8

Leaves of the Tree (2016)

Storyline:Patrick Messina, a once powerful patent lawyer marginalized by a life threatening disease is pushed out of his firm. At a meeting with his last client he encounters a doctor from a rural Sicilian village who...

Shadow in the Cloud (2020) 4.1

Shadow in the Cloud (2020)

Storyline:On a stormy night during World War II, a female pilot with top secret cargo talks her way on board a bomber plane about to take-off. The crass all-male crew reluctantly agrees, but their suspicions about her...

Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015) 7.4

Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015)

Storyline:In 1962 Hitchcock and Truffaut locked themselves away in Hollywood for a week to excavate the secrets behind the mise-en-scène in cinema. Based on the original recordings of this meeting-used to produce the ...

Mr. Brooks (2007) 7.3

Mr. Brooks (2007)

Storyline:Earl Brooks is a highly respected businessman and was recently named Portland's Man of the Year. He hides a terrible secret however: he is a serial killer known as the Thumbprint Killer. He has been attendin...

The Victorville Massacre (2011) 4.2

The Victorville Massacre (2011)

Storyline:A group of nine friends decide to spend Labor Day in the desert town of Victorville. Meanwhile, for the first time in it's less than illustrious history, Victorville finds itself terrorized by an uncatchable...

Dayroom (2017) 5

Dayroom (2017)

Storyline:For a group of young cadets at an American military academy, an ordinary weekend takes a serious unexpected turn when a secret being harbored by one of them is inadvertently revealed.User Reviews:

Dear Maya (2017) 5.7

Dear Maya (2017)

Storyline:Anna and Ira prank a local woman by writing her letters from a secret admirer. The prank takes a more serious turn when the local women goes missing,User Reviews: Made with passion, debutante director Sunain...

Jane Eyre (2011) 7.3

Jane Eyre (2011)

Storyline:After a bleak childhood, Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska) goes out into the world to become a governess. As she lives happily in her new position at Thornfield Hall, she meets the dark, cold, and abrupt master of ...

Why Did I Get Married? (2007) 5.9

Why Did I Get Married? (2007)

Storyline:Dr. Patricia Agnew, a psychologist, has written a best seller about marriage: hers and those of three other couples who together take a week's vacation each year to ask themselves, "Why did I get married?" I...

Easy Virtue (1927) 5.7

Easy Virtue (1927)

Storyline:Larita Filton is named as correspondent in a scandalous divorce case. She escapes to France to rebuild her life where she meets John Whittaker. They are later married, but John's well-to-do family finds out ...

Super Citizen Ko (1995) 6.7

Super Citizen Ko (1995)

Storyline:At an old age, a former political prisoner is determined to find out where his fellow sufferers have laid since their secret execution, while Taiwan embarks on a tumultuous path of democratization.User Revie...

Chop Chop (2020)

Storyline:A night of chaos ensues when a murderous psychopath targets a loving young couple who might be harboring a secret of their own.User Reviews: