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I Love Hong Kong (2011) 5.8

I Love Hong Kong (2011)

Storyline:Ng Shun and his family race to the estate of a scam artist-turned-property tycoon on Lunar New Year's Eve in order to collect the HK$100 million promised to them as compensation for swindling them in the pas...

Ba bao qi bing (1989) 6.1

Ba bao qi bing (1989)

Storyline:User Reviews: You really have to check your intellect at the door for this one. Its the story of Tung, who recruits a bunch of rogues to wreak havoc in Hong Kong by stealing (hence the title of the film). A ...

The Tricky Master (1999) 6

The Tricky Master (1999)

Storyline:Major swindler Ferrari specializes in swindling the rich. Serious Crime Unit inspector Chan Foon is ordered to infiltrate Ferrari's organization but is uncovered by him. Chan decides to con a conman and beco...

Mortuary Blues (1990) 5.8

Mortuary Blues (1990)

Storyline:The rays of the moon bring a coven of female zombies back to life. A special police squad is assigned to stop them.User Reviews:

In Between Loves (1989) 5.4

In Between Loves (1989)

Storyline:Taxi driver Chang Hsin Lung (Alfred Cheung) is obsessed with TV news reporter Jenny Tung (Maggie Cheung). He attempts to gain her affection by assisting her in providing minor news events to cover, but is in...