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Rock Rock Rock! (1956) 4.0

Rock Rock Rock! (1956)

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Storyline:A teenage girl, Dori Graham, can't convince her dad to buy her a strapless gown so she decides to get the money together herself in time for the prom.User Reviews:

Play it Cool (1962) 6.0

Play it Cool (1962)

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Storyline:A struggling singer and his band befriend an heiress who, against the wishes of her father, is searching for the lover who she has been forbidden to see and with whom she is hoping to elope.User Reviews:

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (2019) 7.8

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (2019)

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Storyline:With one of the most memorably stunning voices that has ever hit the airwaves, Linda Ronstadt burst onto the 1960s folk rock music scene in her early twenties.User Reviews:

Standing in the Shadows of Motown (2002) 7.1

Standing in the Shadows of Motown (2002)

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Storyline:In 1959, Berry Gordy Jr. gathered the best musicians from Detroit's thriving jazz and blues scene to begin cutting songs for his new record company. Over a fourteen year period they were the heartbeat on eve...

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words (2016) 8.5

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words (2016)

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Storyline:Thorsten Schütte’s film is a sharply edited and energetic celebration of Zappa through his public persona, allowing us to witness his shifting relationship with audiences. Utilizing potent TV interviews and ...

Super Duper Alice Cooper (2014) 6.7

Super Duper Alice Cooper (2014)

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Storyline:Emerging from the Detroit music scene of the 1970s in a flurry of long hair and sequins, Alice Cooper restored hard rock with a sense of showmanship, while simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of Mid...

Danny Says (2015) 6.9

Danny Says (2015)

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Storyline:Danny Says is a documentary unveiling the amazing journey of Danny Fields. Fields has played a pivotal role in music and culture with seminal acts including: the Doors, the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, M...

Graffiti Bridge (1990) 5.3

Graffiti Bridge (1990)

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Storyline:It's got that Purple Rain feeling through and though. And it's got The Kid, too! For the first time since Purple Rain, Prince is back as The Kid. And where he goes , there's music! With Thieves in the Temple...

Yesterday (2019) 7

Yesterday (2019)

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Storyline:A struggling musician realizes he's the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles after waking up in an alternate timeline where they never existed.User Reviews: There are some movies that when relea...

Bring on the Night (1985) 7.4

Bring on the Night (1985)

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Storyline:A documentary about the making of the first Sting album. Not only is some time spent in the studio (much of was recorded in an interesting mansion), but there is also some interesting information about what ...

Batman Forever (1995) 5.4

Batman Forever (1995)

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Storyline:The Dark Knight of Gotham City confronts a dastardly duo: Two-Face and the Riddler. Formerly District Attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face incorrectly believes Batman caused the courtroom accident which left him d...

Roadracers (TV Movie 1994) 6.7

Roadracers (TV Movie 1994)

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Storyline:Cynical look at a 50's rebellious Rocker who has to confront his future, thugs with knives, and the crooked town sheriff.User Reviews: A friend of mine saw this movie on Showtime & recommended it. I had ...

Six-Five Special (1958) 5.8

Six-Five Special (1958)

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Storyline:At the suggestion of her girlfriend, a young singer decides to try and make her name in London. Catching the overnight '6.5 Special' bound for the BBC television show, the two find the train full of 1950's B...

No Manifesto: A Film About Manic Street Preachers (2015) 6.4

No Manifesto: A Film About Manic Street Preachers (2015)

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Storyline:In 1991, the Manic Street Preachers planned to sell 16 million copies of their debut and split up. Many years, many hits and one big mystery later, this colourful band and its fans appear in a unique documen...

Monterey Pop (1968) 8.1

Monterey Pop (1968)

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Storyline:Legendary California music festival (pre-Woodstock) that launched the state-side careers of several performers, most notably Jimi Hendrix. Check out Mama Cass being absolutely blown away while watching Jopli...

Shock ‘Em Dead (1991) 5.4

Shock ‘Em Dead (1991)

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Storyline:Martin is a total loser, who nobody cares for. When he fails to get a position as guitar player in Lindsay's band and loses his job on the way, he makes a deal with a Voodoo priestess. She promises him the f...