Tag: Rie Nakagawa

Trap of Lust (1973) 5.8

Trap of Lust (1973)

Storyline:A delirious roman porno re-imagining of Seijun Suzuki's 'Branded to Kill'. Directed by Atsushi Yamatoya and scripted by Yôzô Tanaka, both 'Branded to Kill's' screenwriters and Suzuki's regular collaborators....

Seduction of Eros (1972) 5.7

Seduction of Eros (1972)

Storyline:Tane, a female clerk of a rubber company in a corner of an industrial area facing Tokyo Bay is a quirky woman, also living on the second floor of the company warehouse.User Reviews:

The Assassination of Ryoma (1974) 4.8

The Assassination of Ryoma (1974)

Storyline:Story of the last three days in the life of Sakamoto Ryoma (1836-1867), imperial loyalist who tried to unite the Choshu and Satsuma clans and prepared the way for the Meiji Restoration (1868).User Reviews:

Woods Are Wet (1973) 5.8

Woods Are Wet (1973)

Storyline:Sachiko is on the run from the law after being implicated in the murder of her mistress. In her travels, she comes across the charming, squeaky-voiced Yoko who offers her refuge in her candle-lit inn. She ca...