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Time After Time (2011) 5.6

Time After Time (2011)

Storyline:A young journalist returns home to work in the local newspaper. There again see his girlfriend, who is now engaged. For her, this reunion will be a great emotional impact.User Reviews:

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) 5.6

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

Storyline:A young farmer assembles a band of diverse mercenaries to defend his peaceful planet from an evil tyrant.User Reviews:

The Christmas Box (1995) 4.7

The Christmas Box (1995)

Storyline:A ski-shop owner reluctantly moves himself, his wife, and his daughter in to an estate as live-in help for an elderly widow. While struggling to balance his career and family life, he has recurring dreams ab...

The Price for Silence (2018) 0.0

The Price for Silence (2018)

Storyline:After the death of her father, a troubled woman returns home to confront the family who paid for her silence. Kira Flynn grew up in a storybook NJ setting. As a teen, she was a gifted artist with a bright ...

Last Summer (1969) 7.1

Last Summer (1969)

Storyline:During summer vacation on Fire Island, three young people--a girl and two guys--become so close that they form a sort-of threesome. When an uncool girl tries to infiltrate the trio's newly found relationship...

It (TV Mini-Series 1990) 6.9

It (TV Mini-Series 1990)

Storyline:In 1960, a group of social outcasts who are bullied by a gang of greasers led by Henry Bowers are also tormented by an evil demon who can shape-shift into a clown and feed on children's fears and kill them. ...