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The Chicken Chronicles (1977) 5.5

The Chicken Chronicles (1977)

Storyline:A high school senior tries to score with Margaret.User Reviews: In 1969, a 12th grade student from a wealthy, absentee family in Hollywood--a rebel on the staff of the school paper and a goof-off at his job ...

40 Pounds of Trouble (1962) 6.4

40 Pounds of Trouble (1962)

Storyline:Hilarity ensues when a casino manager spends a day at Disneyland with a cute but troublesome little girl.User Reviews: With the recent passing of Tony Curtis, I'm revisiting this review of this simple and sw...

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980) 4.5

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980)

Storyline:Xaviera Hollander has to navigate some sleazy studio politics to see the production of the film version of her memoirs.User Reviews:

A Thousand and One Nights (1945) 5.1

A Thousand and One Nights (1945)

Storyline:On the run after being found sweet-talking the Sultan's daughter, Aladdin comes upon a lamp which, when rubbed, summons up Babs the genie. He uses it to return as a visiting prince asking for the princess's ...

All Through the Night (1942) 6.8

All Through the Night (1942)

Storyline:Broadway gambler 'Gloves' Donahue wants to find who killed the baker of his favorite cheesecake. He sees nightclub singer Leda Hamilton leaving the bakery. When her boss Marty's partner Joe is murdered, Leda...

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) 7

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966)

Storyline:Pseudolus is the laziest slave in Rome and has but one wish, to purchase his freedom. When his master and mistress leave for the day he finds out that the young master has fallen in love with a virgin in the...