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Julie Darling (1983) 6.9

Julie Darling (1983)

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Storyline:A teenage girl whose inaction caused her mother's death arranges a similarly gruesome fate for her stepmother and brother.User Reviews:

Stardust (1974) 6.1

Stardust (1974)

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Storyline:Sequel to 1973's That'll Be The Day. Jim McLain is now enjoying the nomadic 'gigs and groupies' life on tour with his band. When he achieves all his wildest dreams of international stardom, the sweet taste o...

Luckytown (2000) 6.2

Luckytown (2000)

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Storyline:Kirsten Dunst plays a young woman (Lidda), who is searching for her father (James Caan). She finds herself at odds with her boyfriend who wants nothing but a carefree lifestyle.User Reviews: