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Butterflies Are Free (1972) 7.4

Butterflies Are Free (1972)

Storyline:Striving to be independent, the blind but determined Don Baker (Edward Albert) moves away from his overprotective mother (Eileen Heckart, who won an Oscar). After settling into his new San Francisco digs, Do...

Phobia (1980) 5.3

Phobia (1980)

Storyline:A psychiatrist involved in a radical new therapy comes under suspicion when his patients are murdered, each according to their individual phobias.User Reviews:

The Air Up There (1994) 5.7

The Air Up There (1994)

Storyline:Jimmy Dolan is a college basketball coach who wants a big promotion. To get it, he needs to make a dramatic find. He ends up deep in Africa, hoping to recruit Saleh, a huge basketball prodigy Jimmy glimpsed ...

Kazaam (1996) 2.9

Kazaam (1996)

Storyline:Being a lone young boy in the 'hood" is dangerous and unpleasant. This is what Max experiences when he fools a gang of local toughs who cornered him at school. The gang finds out that the key he gave them is...

Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers (Video 2010) 5.8

Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers (Video 2010)

Storyline:Meet Clutch Powers, the best builder and explorer in the LEGO universe as he heads off on his most dangerous mission yet. Join Clutch and his team of experts as their adventure leads them from City to the Sp...

The Running Man (1987) 6.7

The Running Man (1987)

Storyline:In the year 2017, the world economy has collapsed. The great freedoms of the United States are no longer, as the once great nation has sealed off its borders and become a militarized police state, censoring ...

Band of the Hand (1986) 6.3

Band of the Hand (1986)

Storyline:In an attempt of resocialisation, five hopeless juvenile criminals are sent away from prison into the Everglades for a survival training under the Indian Joe. When this is successful, they move back to Miami...