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The Ladykillers (1955) 7.7

The Ladykillers (1955)

Storyline:A gang planning a 'job' find themselves living with a little old lady, who thinks they are musicians. When the gang set out to kill Mrs Wilberforce, they run into one problem after another, and they get what...

Code Unknown (2000) 7.2

Code Unknown (2000)

Storyline:Jean, a farm lad, wants to escape his silent father; he runs to Paris to his older brother, Georges, who's away covering the war in Kosovo. Angry, he throws a bag of half-eaten pastry into a beggar's lap. Am...

The Young in Heart (1938) 6.4

The Young in Heart (1938)

Storyline:The Carletons make a living as card sharps and finding new suckers to mooch off of. When their latest scam backfires, they are asked to leave Monte Carlo. At the train station, they meet Miss Fortune, a very...