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Company Business (1991) 5.5

Company Business (1991)

Storyline:An aging agent is called back by User Reviews:

Vendetta (1999) 5.3

Vendetta (1999)

Storyline:Based on a true story, Vendetta tells the shocking and tragic story of a group of Sicilian immigrants working on the New Orleans docks in the 1890's. After the Chief of Police was brutally murdered, much of ...

The Day After (TV Movie 1983) 7.1

The Day After (TV Movie 1983)

Storyline:The frightening story of the weeks leading up to and following a nuclear strike on the United States. The bulk of the activity centers around the town of Lawrence, Kansas. Written by Anthony ...

Volunteers (1985) 5.5

Volunteers (1985)

Storyline:Lawrence is a rich kid with a bad accent and a large debt. After his father refuses to help him out, Lawrence escapes his angry debtors by jumping on a Peace Corp flight to Southeast Asia, where is assigned ...

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) 7.7

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

Storyline:It is the 23rd century. Admiral James T. Kirk is an instructor at Starfleet Academy and feeling old; the prospect of attending his ship, the USS Enterprise--now a training ship--on a two-week cadet cruise do...