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Threshold (TV Movie 2003) 4.2

Threshold (TV Movie 2003)

Storyline:A space shuttle crew return to Earth, bringing alien "seeds" with them. These begin to grow into alien life-forms, needing hosts to complete their evolution... When their number reach the Threshold amount, t...

Deadly Isolation (TV Movie 2005) 5.4

Deadly Isolation (TV Movie 2005)

Storyline:Crafty Patrick Carlson and his violent accomplice Kyle Mumford have hidden in the woods up north for months after pulling off a major diamonds robbery in San Fracisco. They hoped to collect the loot from a t...

The Philadelphia Experiment (TV Movie 2012) 4.1

The Philadelphia Experiment (TV Movie 2012)

Storyline:In 'The Philadelphia Experiment', a secret government research project tries reviving the World War II "Philadelphia Experiment," which was an attempt to create a cloaking device to render warships invisible...