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Pappa e ciccia (1983) 6

Pappa e ciccia (1983)

Storyline:Nicola Calore faces the visit of his niece Rosina who believes that he has become wealthy. Episode 2: The misadventures of two surveyors during their stay in a holiday village in Kenya.User Reviews:

Fantozzi subisce ancora (1983) 6.5

Fantozzi subisce ancora (1983)

Storyline:The accountant Ugo Fantozzi, after a hard day of work and a meeting of the condominium, goes on a trip with family. Unfortunately, the return will face a nasty surprise.User Reviews: Despite being the fourth...

Scuola di ladri (1986) 5.8

Scuola di ladri (1986)

Storyline:The incredible funny story of 3 strangers with the same last name that are drawn together by one criminal mastermind.User Reviews:

The Face with Two Left Feet (1979) 5.3

The Face with Two Left Feet (1979)

Storyline:A goofy hotel cook, who happens to be the spitting image of John Travolta, takes over the dance floor in his efforts to woo a disco girl.User Reviews: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track you...