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Lost Girls (2020) 6.1

Lost Girls (2020)

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Storyline:When Mari Gilbert's daughter disappears, police inaction drives her own investigation into the gated Long Island community where Shannan was last seen. Her search brings attention to over a dozen murdered se...

Against the Clock (2019) 4.9

Against the Clock (2019)

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Storyline:After a CIA Agent is seriously injured during a mission, his wife, a former CIA operative, becomes determined to find out what happened - a truth the CIA Director wants concealed at all cost.User Reviews:

The Pale Man (2017) 3.4

The Pale Man (2017)

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Storyline:A teachers assistant, trapped in a small town with a strange illness, takes on a local missing persons case aided by a Pale Man down the hall.User Reviews:

Minutes to Midnight (2018) 3.8

Minutes to Midnight (2018)

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Storyline:On the cusp of New Year's Eve, seven friends and a mysterious backpacker converge at a desolate ski lodge in the mountains when they are systematically hunted down by ruthless masked men with a cryptic agend...

Where’d You Go, Bernadette (2019) 6.7

Where’d You Go, Bernadette (2019)

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Storyline:When architect-turned-recluse Bernadette Fox goes missing prior to a family trip to Antarctica, her 15-year-old daughter Bee goes on a quest with Bernadette's husband to find her.User Reviews:

The Missing Person (2009) 6.1

The Missing Person (2009)

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Storyline:Private detective John Rosow is hired to tail a man on a train from Chicago to Los Angeles. Rosow gradually uncovers the man's identity as a missing person; one of the thousands presumed dead after the 9/11 ...

Expedition Amelia (2019) 0.0

Expedition Amelia (2019)

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Storyline:Explorer Robert Ballard sets out to solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance as he and a team of experts travel to the remote Pacific atoll named Nikumaroro in search of her final resting place.Us...

City of Tiny Lights (2016) 5.4

City of Tiny Lights (2016)

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Storyline:In the teeming, multicultural metropolis of modern-day London, a seemingly straightforward missing-person case launches a down-at-heel private eye into a dangerous world of religious fanaticism and political...

The Thin Man (1934) 7.7

The Thin Man (1934)

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Storyline:A husband-and-wife detective team takes on the search for a missing inventor and almost get killed for their efforts.User Reviews: Waiter, will you serve the nuts? ...I mean, will you serve the guests the nu...

The Blob (1958) 6.2

The Blob (1958)

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Storyline:A drive-in favorite, this sci-fi classic follows teenagers Steve and his best girl, Jane, as they try to protect their hometown from a gelatinous alien life form that engulfs everything it touches. The first...

Klute (1971) 6.8

Klute (1971)

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Storyline:This acclaimed thriller stars Jane Fonda as Bree Daniel, a New York City call girl who becomes enmeshed in an investigation into the disappearance of a business executive. Detective John Klute is hired to fo...

Disappearance (2019) 4.6

Disappearance (2019)

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Storyline:When author George Boulangé agrees to the wishes of his wife, Isabelle, and brings a young and beautiful waitress (Cecile) from café along for their weekend sailing trip, it becomes clear that he has agreed ...

The Three Undelivered Letters (1979) 6.6

The Three Undelivered Letters (1979)

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Storyline:For the study of Japanese culture, the Pope came to the United States youth Yamaguchi Di Tang Zeguang political home town. Karasawa home has three very beautiful daughters: the eldest daughter Lizzy, has an ...

Les Cowboys (2015) 6.7

Les Cowboys (2015)

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Storyline:When his daughter goes missing from their prairie town east of France, Alain and his young son, Kid, head out to find her. The journey takes the men to some far-off and unsettling places in what begins to fe...

Searching (2018) 7.7

Searching (2018)

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Storyline:After David Kim (John Cho)'s 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a local investigation is opened and a detective is assigned to the case. But 37 hours later and without a single lead, David decides to search ...

Sara’s Notebook (2018) 6

Sara’s Notebook (2018)

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Storyline:Laura Alonso is a Spanish lawyer from Madrid who sets off to Democratic Republic of Congo (center of Africa) after having seen a photo where Sara, her younger sister, appears alive after two years without cl...

Arthur Newman (2012) 5.7

Arthur Newman (2012)

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Storyline:Wallace Avery hates his job. His ex-wife and son hate him, and he's blown his one shot at living his dream. Not wanting to face all this, he stages his own death and buys himself a new identity as Arthur New...

White Bird in a Blizzard (2014) 6.4

White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)

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Storyline:Kat Connors is 17 years old when her seemingly perfect homemaker mother, Eve, disappears in 1988. Having lived for so long in an emotionally repressed household, she barely registers her mother's absence and...

Loveless (2017) 7.7

Loveless (2017)

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Storyline:Still living under the same roof, the Moscow couple of Boris and Zhenya is in the terrible final stages of a bitter divorce. Under those circumstances, as both have already found new partners, the insults po...

Gone Girl (2014) 8.1

Gone Girl (2014)

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Storyline:On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne reports that his wife, Amy, has gone missing. Under pressure from the police and a growing media frenzy, Nick's portrait of a blissful union begin...

The Vanishing (1993) 6.3

The Vanishing (1993)

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Storyline:Barney teaches chemisty, and is planning to abduct a woman. Despite methodical planning and countless trial runs he always manages to mess things up. Then Diane, who is traveling with her boyfriend Jeff, unw...

The Premonition (1976) 4.6

The Premonition (1976)

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Storyline:This Thriller/horror movie tells the tale of a young girl who is terrified that her insane mother will take her away from her beloved foster mother. One day, the crazed real mother attempts to contact the gi...

Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) 6.7

Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)

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Storyline:It is 1948 in LA and Ezikeal "Easy" Rawlins, an African-American World War II veteran, is looking for work. At his friend's bar, he is introduced to a white man, DeWitt Albright, who is looking for someone t...