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Vares: Tango of Darkness (2012) 5.5

Vares: Tango of Darkness (2012)

Storyline:The tango king Harry Koivikko was found dead six years ago in a sleazebag motel, with a knife is his back. The biggest manhunt in the county faded away without results. Jussi Vares gets a phone call from a ...

Veijarit (2010) 5.0

Veijarit (2010)

Storyline:The director Lauri Nurkse tells that Veijarit is a film about User Reviews:

Rolli and the Golden Key (2013) 3.0

Rolli and the Golden Key (2013)

Storyline:A flock of storks fly in the misty sky, all carrying white bundles. One of the bundles falls and a little girl called Juniper ends up in a strange world. This is the beginning of a wonderful, magical adventu...

Once Upon a Time in the North (2012) 6.2

Once Upon a Time in the North (2012)

Storyline:19th century drama set on the plains of Ostrobothnia, western Finland, which are controlled by groups of knife-wielding thugs, the toughs. Traditionally, the first-born son inherits everything, so when Esko ...