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Block Z (2020) 5.8

Block Z (2020)

Storyline:A pre-med student and her friends encounter the death of a patient that exhibited symptoms of rabies. They are soon faced with an even bigger problem as their patient comes back from the dead and infects the...

Dead Kids (2019) 4.3

Dead Kids (2019)

Storyline:A socially awkward teen bonds with a group of misfits who plot to abduct the school's arrogant rich kid -- until their kidnapping scheme turns deadly.User Reviews:

Eerie (2018) 4.8

Eerie (2018)

Storyline:As we get closer to the wedding day, Lia becomes unsure if she is choosing the right man to marry, torn between the man from her past and the man she's building a future with. The unexpected and gruesome de...

Birdshot (2016) 6.6

Birdshot (2016)

Storyline:"Birdshot" is a mystery-thriller film that tells a story of a young Filipina farm girl who wanders into the boundaries of a Philippine reservation forest. Deep within the reservation she mistakenly shoots an...