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Indictment: The McMartin Trial (1995) 6.9

Indictment: The McMartin Trial (1995)

Storyline:The McMartin family's lives are turned upside down when they are accused of serious child molestation. The family run a school for infants. An unqualified child cruelty User Reviews:

84 Charing Cross Road (1987) 7.2

84 Charing Cross Road (1987)

Storyline:When a humorous script-reader in her New York apartment sees an ad in the Saturday Review of Literature for a bookstore in London that does mail order, she begins a very special correspondence and friendship...

Another You (1991) 5.4

Another You (1991)

Storyline:George has been in a mental hospital for 3 years and is finally ready to go out into the real world again. Eddie Dash, a dedicated con-man, is supposed to keep him out of trouble, but when people begin to re...

Guilt by Association (2002) 5.7

Guilt by Association (2002)

Storyline:Life is good for Susan, her two children and new boyfriend Russell. But life abruptly changes when she discovers her perfect boyfriend is a drug dealer. Realising the danger this could bring to her family sh...

Heartburn (1986) 6.2

Heartburn (1986)

Storyline:Rachel is a food writer at a New York magazine who meets Washington columnist Mark at a wedding and ends up falling in love with him despite her reservations about marriage. They buy a house, have a daughter...

The Warriors (1979) 7.6

The Warriors (1979)

Storyline:Prominent gang leader Cyrus calls a meeting of New York's gangs to set aside their turf wars and take over the city. At the meeting, a rival leader kills Cyrus, but a Coney Island gang called the Warriors is...

Lost in Yonkers (1993) 6.2

Lost in Yonkers (1993)

Storyline:In the summer of 1942 two young boys are sent to stay with their stern grandmother Kurnitz and their childlike aunt Bella in Yonkers, New York.User Reviews:

Mom at Sixteen (2005) 6.0

Mom at Sixteen (2005)

Storyline:Pregnant sixteen year old Jacey's well-meaning mother forces her to keep the birth a secret and decides to raise the baby as her own.User Reviews:

Hustlers (2019) 6.5

Hustlers (2019)

Storyline:A crew of savvy former strip club employees band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.User Reviews:

Crazy People (1990) 5.5

Crazy People (1990)

Storyline:A bitter ad executive who has reached his breaking point, finds himself in a mental institution where his career actually begins to thrive with the help of the hospital's patients.User Reviews: