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Dinner Date (TV Series 2010–2019) 5.9

Dinner Date (TV Series 2010–2019)

Storyline:A singleton is shown 5 3-course menus from people hoping to impress, and must pick 3. They then have a home dinner date with each of the 3, picking their favourite one to date again. The 2 losers make do wit...

Man v. Food (TV Series 2008– ) 7.3

Man v. Food (TV Series 2008– )

Storyline:Host Adam Richman (and subsequently Casey Webb) travels around the U.S., taking on a variety of local eating challenges involving meal size, spiciness and other daunting factors.User Reviews: This decade has...

Saturday Kitchen (TV Series 2006) 5.9

Saturday Kitchen (TV Series 2006)

Storyline:Each week host chef James Martin and his two invited TV chef colleagues each cook meals for the celebrity guest and the two winners of the weekly competition. Regular features include archive footage from va...