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Streetwise (1984) 8.2

Streetwise (1984)

Storyline:Portrays the lives of nine desperate teenagers. Thrown too young into a seedy grown up world, these runaways and castaways survive, but just barely. Rat, the dumpster diver. Tiny, the teen prostitute. Shelli...

American Heart (1992) 6.6

American Heart (1992)

Storyline:An ex-convict is tracked down by his estranged teenage son, and the pair try to build a relationship and life together in Seattle.User Reviews:

Hidden in America (1996) 7.7

Hidden in America (1996)

Storyline:Story of a man Bill Januson whose pride in being the head of his family won't let him accept help from his sick daughters doctor. He has to prove to his kids that even with the death of his wife and the loss...

Balance, Not Symmetry (2019) 8.7

Balance, Not Symmetry (2019)

Storyline:An American student living a privileged existence at Glasgow School of Art faces the unexpected death of her father.Consumed with her loss, she finds herself re-examining both her life and inner circle.User ...