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Wild Women (TV Movie 1970) 6

Wild Women (TV Movie 1970)

Storyline:Five female convicts are recruited to secretly transport arms into Mexican-held Texas in 1840.User Reviews: Basic Plot: The US Army wants to move some guns into the disputed Texas Territory. They decide to d...

Stage to Thunder Rock (1964) 5.6

Stage to Thunder Rock (1964)

Storyline:Retiring Sheriff Horne goes after the Sawyer brothers who have robbed a bank in town. The outlaw brothers count on the fact they grew up together with Horne and hope to get a break from him. However, during ...

Champion (1949) 6.6

Champion (1949)

Storyline:An unscrupulous boxer fights his way to the top, but eventually alienates all of the people who helped him on the way up.User Reviews:

Rock-a-Bye Baby (1958) 7.0

Rock-a-Bye Baby (1958)

Storyline:An average television repairman must care for the newborn triplets of his former hometown sweetheart—now a famous movie star—so her career will not suffer.User Reviews: Lewis and Tashlin Open Up Their Cartoo...

The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) 6.8

The Lemon Drop Kid (1951)

Storyline:When the Lemon Drop Kid accidentally cheats gangster Moose Moran (Fred Clark) out of his track winnings, the Kid promises to repay Moose the money by Christmas. Creating a fake charity for User Reviews: Simp...

High Barbaree (1947) 6.5

High Barbaree (1947)

Storyline:After his plane is downed in the South Pacific, a Navy flier recounts his life to a co-pilot while awaiting rescue.User Reviews: