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Oto-na-ri (2009) 7.1

Oto-na-ri (2009)

Storyline:Nojima Satoshi (Junichi Okada) is a photographer who wants to photograph scenery, but currently works for a modeling agency where he takes picture of his best friend, a model in his 30, Shingo (Hiroyuki Ikeu...

A Blue Automobile (2004) 6

A Blue Automobile (2004)

Storyline:DJ Richio wears sunglasses to hide a scar around his eyes. He is also haunted by nightmares of a childhood accident that led to his scar. Richio also dates Akemi. Meanwhile, Richio notices his girlfriend's y...

The Wonderland (2019) 6.1

The Wonderland (2019)

Storyline:The story follows Akane, a girl with no self-confidence. On the day before her birthday, she meets a mysterious alchemist Hippocrates and their student Pipo, who both tell her they're on a mission to save th...

Umbrella Flower (2000) 7

Umbrella Flower (2000)

Storyline:An alcoholic civil servant wakes up under a cherry tree in Tokyo next to a bar hostess with whom he's impulsively made a suicide pact. Though he's now changed his mind, he agrees to travel with her to Hokkai...

Colourful (2010) 7.4

Colourful (2010)

Storyline:There is a train station on the other side of death, yet not all who arrive on the platform will be judged ready for passage onwards. For one unready soul, there will be both a test and a second chance. Rath...

Pulse (2001) 6.5

Pulse (2001)

Storyline:After one of their friends commits suicide, strange things begin happening to a group of young Tokyo residents. One of them sees visions of his dead friend in the shadows on the wall, while another's compute...

Casshern (2004) 6.0

Casshern (2004)

Storyline:Fifty years of war between the Great Eastern Federation and Europa - now merged as Eurasia - have taken their toll on planet Earth. As a result of the use of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, much of...

Louder! Can’t Hear What You’re Singin’, Wimp!! (2018) 6.5

Louder! Can’t Hear What You’re Singin’, Wimp!! (2018)

Storyline:Shing (Sadao Abe) is a rock star. He has an amazingly loud voice with a range of four octaves. His secret is that he has created his voice through a method of vocal cord doping. His voice is now teetering on...

Fly Me to the Saitama (2019) 8.1

Fly Me to the Saitama (2019)

Storyline:People from Saitama Prefecture are persecuted and, because of this, they hide the fact that they are from there. In Tokyo, Momomi Hakuhodo (Fumi Nikaido) is a male high school student and the son of the Toky...

The Tale of Nishino (2014) 7.5

The Tale of Nishino (2014)

Storyline:Yukihiko Nishino is very popular with women, but, in the end, he is always dumped by a woman. Yukihiko seeks out his true love.User Reviews:

Insutanto numa (2009) 7.1

Insutanto numa (2009)

Storyline:A quirky young woman who loves antiques embarks on risky adventures and business endeavors with her eccentric friends, trying to score a unique item that will finally be worth a huge profit after her sacrifi...