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3 Backyards (2010) 5

3 Backyards (2010)

Storyline:The story of three people from the same suburban town during the course of one curious autumn day.User Reviews: Was such a waste of time .No Aim , no sound track , no connections , not even philosophical.I w...

D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) 6.1

D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)

Storyline:Gordon Bombay is forced to withdraw from the minor hockey league with a knee injury. Much to his surprise, he is given the job of coach of Team USA Hockey for the Junior Goodwill Games in California. With mo...

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" The Good Child (TV Episode 2005) 8.3

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" The Good Child (TV Episode 2005)

Storyline:A young woman in witness protection finds herself in a long game involving a mafia family and her biological parents.User Reviews: A couple of con artists are bounded by the only things that matters to them ...

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Ex Stasis (TV Episode 2005) 8.2

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Ex Stasis (TV Episode 2005)

Storyline:Goren and Eames work a case where organ donation has a price for the recipients beyond their medical bills.User Reviews: One of the more off the wall stories that Criminal Intent or for that matter any of th...

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" No Exit (TV Episode 2005) 7.9

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" No Exit (TV Episode 2005)

Storyline:A suicide club that causes a train derailment leads back to a law practice and another suicide.User Reviews: Work hard. Even at weekends and late-hours, if you're afraid of making some mistakes. To climb the...

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Shibboleth (TV Episode 2005) 8.3

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Shibboleth (TV Episode 2005)

Storyline:The detectives investigate the brutal murder of a young woman. Although it seems to be the work of a local pervert soon Goren realises that this might be the return of a notorious serial killer from the past...

Speaking of Sex (2001) 6.2

Speaking of Sex (2001)

Storyline:A counselor, an expert on depression, and two attorneys try to help a couple who have marital problems.User Reviews:

Dating My Mother (2017) 4.0

Dating My Mother (2017)

Storyline:Dating My Mother explores the intimate and sometimes tumultuous relationship between a single mother and her gay son as they navigate the dizzying world of online dating.User Reviews:

Kiss of Death (1995) 5.7

Kiss of Death (1995)

Storyline:Jimmy Kilmartin is an ex-con living in Astoria in the New York City borough of Queens, trying to stay clean and raising a family with his wife Bev. But when his cousin Ronnie causes him to take a fall for dr...

No Beast So Fierce (2016) 5.9

No Beast So Fierce (2016)

Storyline:Released after 20 years in prison, ex-con Charlie Sundstrom (Bailey Chase) returns to his home town to find that his estranged son, who has disappeared into the criminal underworld, is being hunted by a ruth...

Stir of Echoes (1999) 7

Stir of Echoes (1999)

Storyline:A man is hypnotized at a party by his sister-in law. He soon has visions and dreams of a ghost of a girl. Trying to avoid this, nearly pushes him to brink of insanity as the ghost wants something from him - ...