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She Dies Tomorrow (2020) 5.4

She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

Storyline:Amy is ravaged by the notion that she is going to die tomorrow, which sends her down a dizzying emotional spiral. When her skeptical friend Jane discovers Amy's feeling of imminent death to be contagious, th...

The Unspeakable Act (2012) 5.4

The Unspeakable Act (2012)

Storyline:17-year-old Jackie is in distress as her older brother Matthew gets his first girlfriend and prepares for college. Though Matthew does not share her incestuous desire, Jackie fights the intrusion of reality ...

Mountain Rest (2018) 7.0

Mountain Rest (2018)

Storyline:After sequestering herself to a small mountain town, an aging actress calls her estranged daughter and granddaughter home for reconciliation and one final celebration.User Reviews:

The Heart Machine (2014) 5.4

The Heart Machine (2014)

Storyline:A man begins to suspect that his long-distance girlfriend, whom he met online but has never met in person, has been living in the same city the whole time and sets out to find her.User Reviews:

Lost Holiday (2019) 4.0

Lost Holiday (2019)

Storyline:Margaret Rockland is as depressed as the ubiquitous Christmas carols are cheerful when she returns to the Washington DC suburb of her childhood for a reunion. The wild bunch she grew up with have settled int...

First Winter (2012) 4.0

First Winter (2012)

Storyline:When winter begins, life is serene for a group of new-age Brooklynites living in a remote country farmhouse. Sex, drugs, yoga, and organic cooking absorb their days, safely tucked away from the stresses of u...

Sun Don’t Shine (2012) 5.2

Sun Don’t Shine (2012)

Storyline:Crystal and her boyfriend Leo embark on a tense and mysterious road trip through the desolate yet hauntingly beautiful landscape of central Florida.User Reviews:

Somebody Up There Likes Me (2013) 5.5

Somebody Up There Likes Me (2013)

Storyline:Thirty-five years in the life of Max, his best friend Sal and a woman they both adore, Lyla. The trio stumble through mandatory but seemingly unfulfilling entanglements, at weddings, funerals, hospitals, eat...

Pollywogs (2013) 0.0

Pollywogs (2013)

Storyline:Left reeling by his latest catastrophic breakup, Dylan retreats to Minnesota for a family reunion featuring firearms, heavy metal and unwelcome questions. Amongst the throng of relatives, he discovers Sarah,...

The Sound of Silence (2019) 10.0

The Sound of Silence (2019)

Storyline:A successful User Reviews:

The Sacrament (2013) 5.7

The Sacrament (2013)

Storyline:A fashion photographer is traveling to meet his sister at Eden Parish. Once there, his friends begin to film interviews with the Eden Parish inhabitants, all of whom speak of the commune in glowing terms. Ho...

Buster’s Mal Heart (2016) 6.1

Buster’s Mal Heart (2016)

Storyline:The film follows a mountain man on the run from authorities who survives the winter by breaking into empty vacation homes. He's haunted by a recurring dream of being lost at sea and constantly has flashbacks...