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Bad Date Chronicles (2017) 5.9

Bad Date Chronicles (2017)

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Storyline:Leigh runs the website User Reviews:

Sea Change (2017) 5.7

Sea Change (2017)

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Storyline:A teenage girl makes a startling discovery about her connection to the Seawalkers, legendary beings who are half-human, half-sea creature.User Reviews:

Lost & Found (2016) 5.4

Lost & Found (2016)

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Storyline:Sent to spend the summer with their uncle on a remote island, young brothers Andy and Mark learn that their eccentric grandfather once owned the island, but vanished without a trace…taking with him the secre...

I Am Michael (2015) 5.9

I Am Michael (2015)

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Storyline:The controversial true story of a gay activist who rejects his homosexuality and becomes a Christian pastor.User Reviews:

JT LeRoy (2018) 5.5

JT LeRoy (2018)

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Storyline:A young woman named Savannah Knoop spends six years pretending to be the celebrated author JT LeRoy, the made-up literary persona of her sister-in-law.User Reviews: I love Laura Dern in everything she does, ...

Welcome the Stranger (2018) 4.8

Welcome the Stranger (2018)

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Storyline:Alice arrives unannounced at her estranged brother Ethan's house in an attempt to reconcile, but bizarre visions, the return of his strange girlfriend and Alice's paranoia and suspicion force the siblings to...

King Cobra (2016) 5.6

King Cobra (2016)

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Storyline:This ripped-from-the-headlines drama covers the early rise of gay porn headliner Sean Paul Lockhart (a.k.a. Brent Corrigan) before his falling out with the producer who made him famous. When Sean decides he'...