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Art Machine (2012) 5.0

Art Machine (2012)

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Storyline:A teenaged prodigy painter preparing for his widely anticipated coming‐of‐age exhibition falters under pressure and slips off his medication. In his mania, he recruits a band of Bushwick rebel artists to tak...

Wide Awake (1998) 5.9

Wide Awake (1998)

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Storyline:The tale of a ten-year-old boy in a Catholic school who, following the death of his beloved grandfather, embarks on a quest to discover the meaning of life.User Reviews:

Son of Morning (2011) 2.9

Son of Morning (2011)

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Storyline:A young copywriter becomes the most famous man on the planet, overnight, when he is mistaken as the next messiah.User Reviews:

Desperate Measures (1998) 6.0

Desperate Measures (1998)

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Storyline:San Francisco police officer Frank Connor is in a frantic search for a compatible bone marrow donor for his gravely ill son. There's only one catch the potential donor is convicted multiple murderer Peter Mc...

Summer Night (2019) 6.0

Summer Night (2019)

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Storyline:In a small town, a young, tight-knit group of friends fall in and out of love over the course of one intoxicating, music-filled summer night.User Reviews:

Jack Frost (1998) 5.3

Jack Frost (1998)

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Storyline:Jack Frost is a singer who's on the road most of the time so he can't spend a lot of time with his son Charlie, although they love each other very much. When Jack dies in a car accident, Charlie becomes a ve...

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away (2017) 5.5

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away (2017)

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Storyline:A guy, a girl, and a robothead hike across a desert planet in search of a mythical lake.User Reviews: I came across this movie on HULU streaming, the description made it sound interesting.In fact it is very ...

Born to Race (Video 2011) 6.1

Born to Race (Video 2011)

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Storyline:Born To Race is the story of Danny Krueger, a rebellious young street racer on a collision course with trouble. After an accident at an illegal street race, he is sent to a small town to live with his estran...

Tilt (2017) 5

Tilt (2017)

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Storyline:An unemployed documentary filmmaker's behavior becomes increasingly erratic in the months after his wife becomes pregnant.User Reviews: This film about a struggling documentary film maker starts off giving y...