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Shoot Out (1971) 6.1

Shoot Out (1971)

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Storyline:Clay Lomax, a bank robber, gets out of jail after an 7 year sentence. He is looking after Sam Foley, the man who betrayed him. Knowing that, Foley hires three men to pay attention of Clay's steps. The things...

The Silencers (1966) 6.9

The Silencers (1966)

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Storyline:Matt Helm is called out of retirement to stop the evil Big O organization who plan to explode an atomic bomb over Alamagordo, NM, and start WW III.User Reviews:

Murderers’ Row (1966) 6.4

Murderers’ Row (1966)

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Storyline:The handsome top agent Matt dies a tragic death in his bath tub - the women mourn about the loss. However it's just faked for his latest top-secret mission: He shall find Dr. Solaris, inventor of the Helium ...

The Main Event (1979) 5.0

The Main Event (1979)

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Storyline:Hillary Kramer, successful Perfume magnate awakes one morning to find that her accountant has robbed her blind and left for South America. Going through all of her remaining assets she finds a boxer, purchas...