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"Good Witch" All in the Family (TV Episode 2015) 7.7

"Good Witch" All in the Family (TV Episode 2015)

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Storyline:Like an ill wind, Cousin Abigail blows into town, a true break-up artist spreading division wherever she goes. She immediately sets to work on dividing Cassie and Grace over the issue of Grace seeing an R-ra...

"Good Witch" The Truth About Lies (TV Episode 2015) 7.7

"Good Witch" The Truth About Lies (TV Episode 2015)

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Storyline:With relish, Abigail admits to manipulating others along negative lines - all towards their greater good, she affirms - but where others need a simple push, tough nut Cassie needs a hard shove: she and Ryan ...

"Good Witch" Homecoming (TV Episode)

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Storyline:Sam's Ex-wife turns up to use Nick to get to Sam. She conspires to get Nick to Hong Kong behind Sam's back, causing mayhem and destruction of feelings. Cassie struggles with the after events of Bryan being i...

"Good Witch" True Colors (TV Episode 2015) 8

"Good Witch" True Colors (TV Episode 2015)

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Storyline:Mr. Jones harbors a nasty surprise for Middleton, one which aims to close down Cassie's and Stephanie's businesses. As Ryan works to stop his actions, Sam's ex comes to town, looking to entice Nick away with...

"Good Witch" A Perfect Match: Part 1 (TV Episode 2016) 8.2

"Good Witch" A Perfect Match: Part 1 (TV Episode 2016)

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Storyline:As Cassie refrains from making a decision about the Maldives trip, a rumor mill threatens to close Sam's practice, Abigail volunteers to run Middleton's Light Festival, Stephanie frets over Ben's commitment ...

"Good Witch" Second Time Around (TV Episode 2016) 8

"Good Witch" Second Time Around (TV Episode 2016)

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Storyline:Just as it seems Cassie and Sam will turn their friendship into something more, Sam's ex-wife Linda threatens to come between them. Grace embarks on that teenage rite of passage - learning to drive - while C...

Thieves Quartet (1993) 0.0

Thieves Quartet (1993)

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Storyline:A hostage taking goes slowly, horribly wrong. A sour note for the Thieves Quartet.User Reviews:

Revelation Road 3 – The Black Rider (2014) 6.0

Revelation Road 3 – The Black Rider (2014)

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Storyline:The Rapture has come and gone, in its wake is a famished wasteland filled with desperate looters, marauders and scavengers. In this third installment of The Revelation Road Saga, Josh McManus finds himself i...

For Love and Honor (2016) 8.0

For Love and Honor (2016)

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Storyline:When a recently retired military officer Colonel is tapped by his old friend to take over the military division to help save declining Stone Creek Academy, he immediately clashes with academics dean, a civil...

A Girl’s Best Friend (2015) 6.8

A Girl’s Best Friend (2015)

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Storyline:Penelope, better known as Polka-Dot, is a spunky young girl who has a knack for helping people, particularly her ailing mother. While out looking for a part-time job, Polka-Dot befriends a hard-nosed police ...

Wake. (2018) 0.0

Wake. (2018)

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Storyline:A widowed mortician, struggling with agoraphobia, is given a birthday gift from her mother and daughter as a joke. The gift, a life-size male doll named Pedro, goes from funny to fantastical, complicating he...

Grace Unplugged (2013) 6.2

Grace Unplugged (2013)

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Storyline:Grace Unplugged is an Inspirational movie starring Amanda "AJ" Michalka as 18 year old Christian singer/songwriter, Grace Rose Trey. Beautiful, highly talented and restless, Grace is so far undiscovered outs...

All-Star Superman (Video 2011) 7

All-Star Superman (Video 2011)

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Storyline:While saving the crew of the first manned mission to the sun, Superman is poisoned by solar radiation. Dying, he decides to fulfill his lifelong dreams, while still saving the Earth from various threats. But...