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RKO 281 (TV Movie 1999) 7

RKO 281 (TV Movie 1999)

Storyline:Coming to Hollywood as a celebrated boy genius featuring a spectacular career arc in New York including his radio hoax War of the Worlds, Orson Welles is stymied on the subject for his first film. After a di...

The Education of Little Tree (1997) 7.2

The Education of Little Tree (1997)

Storyline:Little Tree is an 8-year-old Cherokee boy, who, during the time of the depression, loses his parents and starts to live with his Indian grandma and grandpa and learn the wisdom of the Cherokee way of life. ...

Emperor (2020) 4.8

Emperor (2020)

Storyline:An escaped slave travels north and has chance encounters with Frederick Douglass and John Brown. Based on the life story of Shields Green.User Reviews: I've seen my share of Civil War movies, slave-trading, ...

Never Too Late (2020) 7.4

Never Too Late (2020)

Storyline:It has been a long time since Caine, Bronson, Angus and Wendell, aka, 'The Chain Breakers', escaped the torturous Vietnamese POW camp. They now find themselves sharing a new prison, The Hogan Hills Retiremen...

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) 7.1

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)

Storyline:A wild stallion is captured by humans and slowly loses the will to resist training, yet, throughout his struggles for freedom, the stallion refuses to let go of the hope of one day returning home to his herd...

Blackball (2003) 5.4

Blackball (2003)

Storyline:Blackball follows the fortunes of Cliff Starkey, a working-class fine of lawn bowls with an exceptional talent. Wanting to take on the Aussies he manages to become regional champion, only to get banned. Spor...

The Rescue (1988) 5.9

The Rescue (1988)

Storyline:A team of Navy Seals are sent to destroy a disabled submarine so it will not fall into the User Reviews:

W. (2008) 6.1

W. (2008)

Storyline:The story of the eventful life of George W. Bush—his struggles and triumphs, how he found both his wife and his faith—and the critical days leading up to his decision to invade Iraq.User Reviews:

Indictment: The McMartin Trial (1995) 6.9

Indictment: The McMartin Trial (1995)

Storyline:The McMartin family's lives are turned upside down when they are accused of serious child molestation. The family run a school for infants. An unqualified child cruelty User Reviews:

The General’s Daughter (1999) 6.3

The General’s Daughter (1999)

Storyline:When the body of Army Capt. Elizabeth Campbell is found on a Georgia military base, two investigators, Warrant Officers Paul Brenner and Sara Sunhill, are ordered to solve her murder. What they uncover is an...

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987) 5.4

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987)

Storyline:The members of the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity travel to Fort Lauderdale for a fraternity conference. They'll have to beat off the attacks of their rival frat, the Alphas, if they want to maintain their ...

Nobody’s Perfekt (1981) 3.4

Nobody’s Perfekt (1981)

Storyline:While everyone knows you can't fight City Hall, there are those who, for whatever reason, can't resist the challenge. Three slightly disturbed psychiatric patients decide to take on the government. What ensu...

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999) 6.3

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999)

Storyline:A Japanese-American fisherman may have killed his neighbor Carl at sea. In the 1950s, race figures in the trial. So does reporter Ishmael.User Reviews:

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999) 6.3

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999)

Storyline:A Japanese-American fisherman may have killed his neighbor Carl at sea. In the 1950s, race figures in the trial. So does reporter Ishmael.User Reviews:

The Laundromat (2019) 6.4

The Laundromat (2019)

Storyline:When her idyllic vacation takes an unthinkable turn, Ellen Martin begins investigating a fake insurance policy, only to find herself down a rabbit hole of questionable dealings that can be linked to a Panama...

The Bachelor (1999) 4.8

The Bachelor (1999)

Storyline:Jimmie is seeing his single friends get married one by one. He isn't too worried until his girlfriend Anne catches the bouquet at his friend Marco's wedding. Suddenly, his wild mustang days are numbered. He ...

The Queen (2006) 7.0

The Queen (2006)

Storyline:The Queen is an intimate behind the scenes glimpse at the interaction between HM Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair during their struggle, following the death of Diana, to reach a compromise between ...

The Man with Two Brains (1983) 6.3

The Man with Two Brains (1983)

Storyline:A story about a brain surgeon who tries to end his unhappy marriage to spend more time with a disembodied brain.User Reviews:

Tortured (Video 2008) 5.9

Tortured (Video 2008)

Storyline:Jimmy, a business-like young man, enters a room where a man, the accountant for a shadowy drug lord, is shackled. Over the next week, Jimmy systematically tortures the accountant, demanding information about...

Babe (1995) 6.8

Babe (1995)

Storyline:Gentle farmer Arthur Hoggett wins a piglet named Babe at a county fair. Narrowly escaping his fate as Christmas dinner when Farmer Hoggett decides to show him at the next fair, Babe bonds with motherly borde...

Avenger (TV Movie 2006) 5.7

Avenger (TV Movie 2006)

Storyline:After his own daughter was killed in Panama in 1994, former C.I.A. Agent Calvin Dexter became a private "specialist" in cases which wouldn't reach justice trough the regular legal channels. Two years later, ...

Still Mine (2012) 7.4

Still Mine (2012)

Storyline:After years of stability, the lives of octogenarian couple, Craig and Irene Morrison, are slowly beginning to change. Because of changing times and regulations, they are no longer able to make a living from ...

The Trials of Cate McCall (2013) 6.3

The Trials of Cate McCall (2013)

Storyline:In California, Cate McCall is an alcoholic lawyer who was on probation and rehab. She had an argument with a judge who made her take a breathalyzer test and put her on probation in a small office. Cate is al...