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Pappa e ciccia (1983) 6

Pappa e ciccia (1983)

Storyline:Nicola Calore faces the visit of his niece Rosina who believes that he has become wealthy. Episode 2: The misadventures of two surveyors during their stay in a holiday village in Kenya.User Reviews:

La compagna di banco (1977) 4.7

La compagna di banco (1977)

Storyline:Simona Girardi, a beautiful eighteen-year-old high school student, moves to Trani, the picturesque seaport of Apulia, in southern Italy, to continue her studies in the local Mamiani Lyceum. But, before long,...

Viaggi di nozze (1995) 6.6

Viaggi di nozze (1995)

Storyline:Three stories that mingle during the performance: **** Story 1: Raniero marries Fosca, his second wife. Immediately the honeymoon in Venice becomes tragic, because Raniero's weight is too much for Fosca, alt...