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Strange Cargo (1940) 6.9

Strange Cargo (1940)

Storyline:Verne wants nothing more than to escape from a penal colony located off the northern coast of South America. He tries to involve Julie, a saloon girl, in his plans but she turns him in to the authorities. On...

The Long Voyage Home (1940) 7

The Long Voyage Home (1940)

Storyline:Aboard the freighter Glencairn, the lives of the crew are lived out in fear, loneliness, suspicion and cameraderie. The men smuggle drink and women aboard, fight with each other, spy on each other, comfort e...

Death at a Broadcast (1934) 6

Death at a Broadcast (1934)

Storyline:A radio actor is murdered live on air. Enter Detective Inspector Gregory suspicious of both cast and crew. The victim it's discovered had many enemies. The hunt to unmask the killer quickly ensues. Enjoyable...

The Ring (1927) 6.0

The Ring (1927)

Storyline:Both Jack Sander and Bob Corby are boxers in love with Mabel. Jack and Mabel wed, but their marriage is flat. The young wife looks to Bob for comfort.User Reviews:

Tower of London (1939) 5.6

Tower of London (1939)

Storyline:In the 15th century Richard Duke of Gloucester, aided by his club-footed executioner Mord, eliminates those ahead of him in succession to the throne, then occupied by his brother King Edward IV of England. A...

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story (2017) 8.1

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story (2017)

Storyline:Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story is a documentary about the life and work of Michael User Reviews:

Unmasking The Idol (1988) 5.0

Unmasking The Idol (1988)

Storyline:Duncan Jax must stop the evil terrorist Scarlet Leader from acquiring nuclear bombs that could start WW3. Together with the trusty baboon, Boon, he takes on the almost impossible mission! He must steal the g...

The Little Princess (1939) 7.1

The Little Princess (1939)

Storyline:The classic Shirley Temple film in which a little girl goes in search of her father who is reported missing by the military during the Second Boer War.User Reviews:

Fortune Is a Woman (1957) 7.7

Fortune Is a Woman (1957)

Storyline:An insurance man (Jack Hawkins) discovers his ex-girlfriend (Arlene Dahl) and her husband's (Dennis Price) art-forgery/arson scam.User Reviews:

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) 7.6

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Storyline:Robin Hood fights nobly for justice against the evil Sir Guy of Gisbourne while striving to win the hand of the beautiful Maid Marian.User Reviews: The Definitive Robin HoodrnrnA classic in beautiful Technic...

Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961) 4.8

Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961)

Storyline:People are mysteriously disappearing near a remote Cornish village, where a scientist is experimenting with reviving the dead.User Reviews: Pretty straight forward little thriller, one I've always wanted to ...