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Can’t Hardly Wait (1998) 6.2

Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

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Storyline:It's graduation day at Huntington Hills High, and you know what that means - time to party. And not just any party, either. This one will be a night to remember, as the nerds become studs, the jocks are humi...

I Am Michael (2015) 5.9

I Am Michael (2015)

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Storyline:The controversial true story of a gay activist who rejects his homosexuality and becomes a Christian pastor.User Reviews:

Believer (2018) 7.2

Believer (2018)

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Storyline:Imagine Dragons’ Mormon frontman Dan Reynolds is taking on a new mission to explore how the church treats its LGBTQ members. With the rising suicide rate amongst teens in the state of Utah, his concern with ...

Hurricane Bianca (2016) 6.2

Hurricane Bianca (2016)

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Storyline:Hurricane Bianca is a revenge comedy about a New York teacher who moves to a small town in Texas, gets fired for being gay, and returns disguised in drag to get revenge on the people who were nasty to him.Us...

Handsome Devil (2017) 7.1

Handsome Devil (2017)

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Storyline:A music-mad 16-year-old outcast at a rugby-mad boarding school forms an unlikely friendship with his dashing new roommate.User Reviews: **Music, sport and then there's gay.**rnrnI have seen many gay films, b...

The Pass (2016) 6.8

The Pass (2016)

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Storyline:The night before their debut game, two professional soccer players share a kiss. In a sporting world where image is everything, this surprising ‘pass’ sets the men up for a contrasting decade of fame and fai...

Call Me Kuchu (2012) 7.3

Call Me Kuchu (2012)

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Storyline:In Uganda, a new bill threatens to make homosexuality punishable by death. David Kato - Uganda's first openly gay man - and his fellow activists work against the clock to defeat the legislation while combati...

The Closet (2001) 7

The Closet (2001)

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Storyline:François Pignon, a very bland sort of man who works as an accountant in a rubber factory, is about to be fired. His new neighbour comes up with an idea to prevent such a thing to happen: he spreads the rumor...

I Dream in Another Language (2017) 7.4

I Dream in Another Language (2017)

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Storyline:A millenary language agonizes: Its last two speakers, Evaristo and Isauro (70's) had a quarrel 50 years ago and haven't spoken to each other since. Martin, a linguist, will undertake the challenge of bringin...

The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018) 6.6

The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)

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Storyline:In 1993, a teenage girl is forced into a gay conversion therapy center by her conservative guardians.User Reviews: Chloë Grace Moretz has been squarely on our radar since 2011's phenomenal 'Hugo.' In 'The Mi...

Dallas Buyers Club (2013) 8

Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

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Storyline:Dallas 1985. Electrician and sometimes rodeo bull rider Ron Woodroof lives hard, which includes heavy smoking, drinking, drug use (primarily cocaine) and casual sex. He is racist and homophobic. While in the...

The Detective (1968) 6.5

The Detective (1968)

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Storyline:Police detective Joe Leland investigates the murder of a homosexual man. While investigating, he discovers links to official corruption in New York City in this drama that delves into a world of sex and drug...

Stonewall (2015) 5.1

Stonewall (2015)

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Storyline:The plot revolves around the 1969 Stonewall Riots, the violent clash that kicked off the gay rights movement in New York City. The drama centers on Danny Winters, who flees to New York, leaving behind his si...

Kinky Boots (2005) 7.1

Kinky Boots (2005)

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Storyline:Charles Price may have grown up with his father in the family shoe business, but he never thought that he would take his father's place. Yet, the untimely death of his father places him in that position, onl...

Teen Wolf (1985) 6

Teen Wolf (1985)

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Storyline:Meet Scott Howard, a struggling high school student with problems. He is on a lackluster basketball team with a lame duck coach, he is having problems getting noticed by the prettiest girl in his school, Pam...