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The Pearl of Death (1944) 7.2

The Pearl of Death (1944)

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Storyline:The famous Borgia Pearl, a valuable gem with a history of bringing murder and misfortune to its owner since the days of the Borgias, is brought to London, thanks in part to Sherlock Holmes. But before long t...

Mark of the Vampire (1935) 6.6

Mark of the Vampire (1935)

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Storyline:Sir Karell Borotyn appears to have been killed by Count Mora, a vampire who prowled around his castle. One year later, Irena, Karell's daughter, is haunted by the vampire and will be his next victim… unless ...

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) 6.8

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

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Storyline:Leona Stevenson is confined to bed and uses her telephone to keep in contact with the outside world. One day she overhears a murder plot on the telephone and is desperate to find out who is the intended vict...

The Little Princess (1939) 7.1

The Little Princess (1939)

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Storyline:The classic Shirley Temple film in which a little girl goes in search of her father who is reported missing by the military during the Second Boer War.User Reviews:

Captain Blood (1935) 7.4

Captain Blood (1935)

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Storyline:Dr. Peter Blood, unjustly convicted of treason and exiled from England, becomes a notorious pirate.User Reviews: What a creature must sit on the throne who lets a man like you deal out his justice!rnrnCaptai...

The Letter (1940) 7.5

The Letter (1940)

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Storyline:After a woman shoots a man to death, a damning letter she wrote raises suspicions.User Reviews:

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942) 6.5

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942)

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Storyline:Starting in Switzerland, Sherlock Holmes rescues the inventor of a bomb-sight which the allies want to keep from the Nazis. Back in London it seems that the inventor is not all that he seemed.User Reviews: