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Laughter in Paradise (1951) 7.1

Laughter in Paradise (1951)

Storyline:Famed practical joker Henry Russell leaves 50,000 pounds to each of his four surviving relatives. But his will has one last joke - they each have to undertake a task completely out of character within a mont...

Keep Fit (1937) 6.0

Keep Fit (1937)

Storyline:A weak, cowardly barber gets fit to win over a beautiful woman. However, she prefers his muscle-bound rival until George challenges him to a boxing match.User Reviews:

The Halfway House (1944) 5.7

The Halfway House (1944)

Storyline:A group of travellers, each with a personal problem that they want to hide, arrive at a mysterious Welsh country inn. There is a certain strangeness in the air as they are greeted by the innkeeper and his da...