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Camera Obscura (2017) 5.2

Camera Obscura (2017)

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Storyline:A photojournalist suffering from PTSD returns home from Iraq and finds himself struggling to keep his sanity and family intact.User Reviews: Maybe a PTSD tale hits too close to home for me to fully lose myse...

Portals (2019) 4.7

Portals (2019)

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Storyline:A series of worldwide blackouts cause millions of mysterious cosmic anomalies to appear everywhere across the planet. Some people are drawn into them with horrifying consequences.User Reviews:

Lovely Molly (2011) 5.3

Lovely Molly (2011)

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Storyline:This film is about Molly and her new husband Tim. They've moved in to Molly's deceased parents house out in the country. But not long after they move in Molly starts getting haunted by forgotten memories, or...