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Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (1995) 4.9

Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (1995)

Storyline:While visiting his sister, Tommy Lee discovers a band of ruthless white supremacists is planning to shatter the peace of a small rural community. But what these thugs don't realize is that with Tommy, they'r...

Rifkin’s Festival (2020) 6.3

Rifkin’s Festival (2020)

Storyline:The film tells the story of an American couple attending the San Sebastian International Film Festival. The charm of that small city in the North of Spain and the charm of the world of cinema soon seduce the...

Cagefighter (2020) 8.3

Cagefighter (2020)

Storyline:Reiss is the greatest champion to ever fight in a LEGENDS cage. But when promoter Max Black pits him against wrestling superstar Randy Stone, Reiss finds himself in the toughest fight of his life.User Review...

Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer (2013) 4.8

Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer (2013)

Storyline:Young, ace assistant DA, Shelby Cook, works with driven cop, Mike Holland, to catch Daedalus, a serial killer infamous for luring his victims to their deaths through labyrinth traps. Three innocent men have ...

9/11 (2017) 4.9

9/11 (2017)

Storyline:A group of 5 people find themselves trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center's North Tower on 9/11. They work together, never giving up hope, to try to escape before the unthinkable happens.User Revi...

Borderline (2002) 5.1

Borderline (2002)

Storyline:Psychiatrist Dr. Lila Colleti is divorcing her husband and is devastated when he wins custody of their two little girls, whom he gets largely because Lila's job, being a psychiatrist for the criminally insan...

What Love Is (2007) 5.0

What Love Is (2007)

Storyline:It's Valentine's Day and Tomhas big plans. He's about to get engaged and has a surprise party planned to share the good news with friends. But things take a turn for the worse. Tom returns home only to disco...

Staten Island Summer (2015) 5.8

Staten Island Summer (2015)

Storyline:Pals Danny and Frank spend the summer after high school working as lifeguards while figuring out their future.User Reviews: Superbad Lite.rnrnThis film is not trying to break new ground, it is what it is, a ...

Lost Cat Corona (2017) 5.3

Lost Cat Corona (2017)

Storyline:A play-it-safe guy must search for his wife's missing cat, bringing him face-to-face with the colorful, wacky, and sometimes, the more dangerous element of his neighborhood, forcing him to confront his fears...

Guinevere (1999) 6.1

Guinevere (1999)

Storyline:A young girl from an affluent family rebels and becomes involved with a much older photographer.User Reviews:

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (2019) 5.5

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (2019)

Storyline:Princes who have been turned into Dwarfs seek the red shoes of a lady in order to break the spell, although it will not be easy.User Reviews:

Man About Town (2006) 5.3

Man About Town (2006)

Storyline:A top Hollywood talent agent finds his cushy existence threatened when he discovers that his wife is cheating on him and that his journal has been swiped by a reporter out to bring him down.User Reviews: In ...

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy (2017) 5.2

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy (2017)

Storyline:It's four years later, and a new group of students has been placed in Saturday detention at the infamous and prestigious Crestview Academy. When Siouxsie, sophomore 'undercrust,' crashes the party to avenge ...

Demonlover (2002) 5.9

Demonlover (2002)

Storyline:Diane works for a French firm bidding to purchase a Japanese animation outfit. Diane maliciously hatches a plot to take the job of her supervisor Karen. The plan succeeds, but then Diane faces problems when ...

After Everything (2018) 6.4

After Everything (2018)

Storyline:A young couple's relationship develops quickly when one of them is diagnosed with a life-changing illness.User Reviews: Having been subjected to Nicholas Sparks's romantic sludge for years, I am pleased with...

American Dresser (2018) 5.1

American Dresser (2018)

Storyline:After the sudden death of his wife and a fractured relationship with his two daughters, John Moore along with his best friend Charlie Wylde, decide to ride their motorcycles from Long Island, New York to the...

Permission (2017) 5.3

Permission (2017)

Storyline:A woman on the brink of a marriage proposal is told by a friend that she should date other men before spending the rest of her life with her boyfriend.User Reviews: ...it's a good film... with a good script....

Showgirls (1995) 4.7

Showgirls (1995)

Storyline:Nomi Malone, a mysterious young girl with the ambition to dance embarks on a journey to Las Vegas to become a showgirl in a high-class hotel show. There she meets Molly, a seamstress at the Stardust Hotel an...

Bound (1996) 7.4

Bound (1996)

Storyline:Corky, a lesbian ex con hired to work in an apartment as a plumber, meets neighbors Caesar, who launders money for the Mafia, and his girlfriend Violet. The two women have a love affair and decide to steal $...

Inconceivable (2017) 5.2

Inconceivable (2017)

Storyline:A mysterious young woman, Katie (Nicky Whelan), and her daughter move to a new town to escape her past and quickly befriends Angela Morgan (Gina Gershon), a mother of one who longs for a bigger family. As th...