Tag: George A. Romero

Dawn of the Dead (1978) 7.9

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Storyline:The zombie apocalypse has hit Earth. Two personnel from a TV station and two policemen set off in a helicopter to find a safe place to hide out. Their search leads them to a shopping mall where they manage t...

A Fish Story (2013) 6.9

A Fish Story (2013)

Storyline:After his sudden death, a devoted father's search for heaven brings him back to his distraught family and his wilderness fishing camp for a few precious days in the body of a wanted man.User Reviews:

Diary of the Dead (2007) 5.5

Diary of the Dead (2007)

Storyline:A group of young film students run into real-life zombies while filming a horror movie of their own.User Reviews: A solid and contemporary shift to Romero's template of his magnum opus. Just right for the ti...

Two Evil Eyes (1990) 6.1

Two Evil Eyes (1990)

Storyline:Two horror segments based on Edgar Allan Poe stories set in and around the city of Pittsburgh. User Reviews:

Bruiser (2000) 5.6

Bruiser (2000)

Storyline:Bruiser is the story of a man who has always tried to fit in. He keeps his mouth shut, follows the rules, and does what he's supposed to do. But one morning, he wakes up to find his face is gone. All the yea...

Knightriders (1981) 6.4

Knightriders (1981)

Storyline:A travelling troupe of jousters and performers are slowly cracking under the pressure of hick cops, financial troubles and their failure to live up to their own ideals. The group's leader, King Billy, is inc...

Survival of the Dead (2009) 4.9

Survival of the Dead (2009)

Storyline:In the Plum Island, off the coast of Delaware, the long feud between the families of the patriarchs Captain Patrick O'Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) that intends to eliminate the zombies and Seamus Muldoon (Richard F...

Martin (1978) 7.2

Martin (1978)

Storyline:George Romero does for vampires what he has already done to zombies - an intense and realistic treatment that follows the exploits of Martin, who claims to be 84 years old, and who certainly drinks human blo...

Land of the Dead (2005) 6.2

Land of the Dead (2005)

Storyline:Now that zombies have taken over the world, the living have built a walled-in city to keep the dead out. But all's not well where it's most safe, as a revolution plans to overthrow the city leadership, and t...

Season of the Witch (1972) 5.5

Season of the Witch (1972)

Storyline:Joan Mitchell is an unhappy, suburban housewife pushing 40, who has an uncommunicative businessman husband, named Jack, and a distant 19-year-old daughter, named Nikki, on the verge of moving out of the hous...

Creepshow (1982) 6.9

Creepshow (1982)

Storyline:Five tales of terror are presented. The first deals with a demented old man returning from the grave to get the Father's Day cake his murdering daughter never gave him. The second is about a not-too-bright f...

Night of the Living Dead (1968) 7.9

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Storyline:Barbra and Johnny visit their father's grave in a remote cemetery when they are suddenly set upon by zombies. Barbra manages to get away and takes refuge in what seems to be an abandoned farm house. She is s...

Day of the Dead (1985) 7.2

Day of the Dead (1985)

Storyline:Zombies rule the world, except for a small group of scientists and military personnel who reside in an underground bunker in Florida. The scientists are using the undead in gruesome experiments; much to the ...

The Dark Half (1993) 5.9

The Dark Half (1993)

Storyline:When Thad Beaumont was a child, he had an operation to remove a tumour from his brain. during the operation, it was discovered that far from being a tumor, the growth was a twin brother of Thad's that never ...

Monkey Shines (1988) 6.2

Monkey Shines (1988)

Storyline:When Allan becomes a quadriplegic he loses all hope for living until he meets Ella - a monkey trained to fetch and carry for him around the house, obeying him in all things. But Ella is part of another exper...

Document of the Dead (1985) 6.6

Document of the Dead (1985)

Storyline:A documentary about George A. Romero's films, with a behind scenes look at Dawn of the Dead.User Reviews: Given the avowed intentions of George Romero as an independent filmmaker, we can see his zombie epics...

The Crazies (1973) 6.1

The Crazies (1973)

Storyline:A biological weapon gone awry is only the start of problems in the little town of Evan's City, Pennsylvania. Bouts of insanity in the populace are leading to murder and rioting, until the US Army turns up - ...