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Casshern (2004) 6.0

Casshern (2004)

Storyline:Fifty years of war between the Great Eastern Federation and Europa - now merged as Eurasia - have taken their toll on planet Earth. As a result of the use of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, much of...

K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces (2008) 6.0

K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces (2008)

Storyline:In an alternate version of 1949 Japan in which World War II never happened, the Japanese capital of Teito is home to both an ultra rich upper class and the dirt poor masses. The city is thrown into a state o...

Mozu The Movie (2015) 7.0

Mozu The Movie (2015)

Storyline:Lone wolf detective with an enormous personal grievance seeks to connect the mysterious death of his daughter to an urban legend of a villain who terrorizes Japan by insinuating himself into people's dreams ...

The Crimes That Bind (2018) 6.4

The Crimes That Bind (2018)

Storyline:Michiko Oshitani, who lived in Shiga Prefecture, is found dead at an apartment in Tokyo. She was strangled to death. Mutsuo Koshikawa is the owner of the apartment and he goes missing. Detectives including Y...

Masquerade Hotel (2019) 6.0

Masquerade Hotel (2019)

Storyline:Three murder cases take place in Tokyo. Numbers are left at the murder scenes, possibly hinting at where the next murder will take place. An investigation begins of the serial killer and Detective Kosuke Nit...

Mixed Doubles (2017) 6.9

Mixed Doubles (2017)

Storyline:To get revenge on her ex-boyfriend and to help revive her late mother's tennis table club, a table tennis prodigy decides to take part in a mixed doubles table tennis tournament.User Reviews:

The Kiyosu Conference (2013) 6.2

The Kiyosu Conference (2013)

Storyline:After the forced suicide of Nobunaga Oda at the Incident at HonnĊ-ji, powerful figures Katsuie Shibata (Koji Yakusho), Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Yo Oizumi), Nagahide Niwa (Fumiyo Kohinata) and Tsuneoki Ikeda (Koic...

Survival Family (2016) 7.2

Survival Family (2016)

Storyline:When a blackout occurs an ordinary family in Tokyo believes power would be restored shortly. As the lack of power persists and all sources of energy show no sign of returning to functionality the family head...