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Beast of Blood (1970) 5

Beast of Blood (1970)

Storyline:A mad scientist creates a monster, but after its head is cut off, he keeps it alive in a serum he has invented.User Reviews: The Philippino B-movie maker Eddie Romero is probably best known for two WIP (Wome...

The Twilight People (1972) 3.3

The Twilight People (1972)

Storyline:A kidnapped diver is taken to an island inhabited by a mad scientist and his half-animal, half-human creations.User Reviews:

Curse of the Vampires (1966) 4.8

Curse of the Vampires (1966)

Storyline:Siblings discover that their father has their vampire mother chained up in the cellar. The mother bites her son and soon everyone in the community is either dead or a vampire.User Reviews: