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Route 666 (2001) 4.7

Route 666 (2001)

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Storyline:Smith, a mob informer hiding out with the Witness Protection Program, decides to make a break for it and hide out in the Arizona desert. The Feds catch up with him and rescue him just before a group of hitme...

Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype (1980) 5.0

Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype (1980)

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Storyline:An ugly, misshapen podiatrist ingests a formula made by a colleague and turns into a handsome, devil-may-care (but violent) ladies' man.User Reviews:

Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988) 5.4

Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988)

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Storyline:Molly is now a freelance photographer in New York. She runs across a woman at an art show that looks familiar. She goes to L.A. to find out that this woman is in fact, her mother. She also finds out she has ...

The Hole (2009) 5.8

The Hole (2009)

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Storyline:After moving into a new neighbourhood, brothers Dane & Lucas and their neighbour Julie discover a bottomless hole in the basement of their home. They find that once the hole is exposed, evil is unleashed...

Gremlins (1984) 7.1

Gremlins (1984)

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Storyline:When Billy Peltzer is given a strange but adorable pet named Gizmo for Christmas, he inadvertently breaks the three important rules of caring for a Mogwai, and unleashes a horde of mischievous gremlins on a ...

The Woman Who Sinned (1991) 5.0

The Woman Who Sinned (1991)

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Storyline:A woman contemplates having an affair, which leads her into a web of deceit, suspense, and murder.User Reviews:

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980) 4.5

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980)

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Storyline:Xaviera Hollander has to navigate some sleazy studio politics to see the production of the film version of her memoirs.User Reviews:

A Bucket of Blood (1959) 6.5

A Bucket of Blood (1959)

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Storyline:Nerdy Walter Paisley (Dick Miller), a maladroit busboy at a beatnik café who doesn't fit in with the cool scene around him, attempts to woo his beautiful co-worker, Carla (Barboura Morris), by making a bust ...

Amityville 1992: It’s About Time (1992) 4.3

Amityville 1992: It’s About Time (1992)

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Storyline:When an old clock arrives at home as a gift, strange things begin to happen. The family that proudly assigned a privileged place to the clock in the living room, is unaware that this thing is a link to an ol...

The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) 6.3

The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

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Storyline:Seymour works in a skid row florist shop and is in love with his beautiful co-worker, Audrey. He creates a new plant that not only talks but cannot survive without human flesh and blood.User Reviews: RELEASE...

After Hours (1985) 7.5

After Hours (1985)

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Storyline:An ordinary word processor has the worst night of his life after he agrees to visit a girl in Soho whom he met that evening at a coffee shop.User Reviews:

Corvette Summer (1978) 5.5

Corvette Summer (1978)

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Storyline:Ken loves to design and build exotic cars. When the High School shop class project car, a fully tricked out dream Corvette, is stolen, he begins searching for it. His search leads him to Las Vegas, where Van...

Evil Toons (1992) 3.8

Evil Toons (1992)

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Storyline:Four sexy young girls are to clean an old house for the new owners. They get delivered an old book full of magic incantations, and while reading it they accidentally bring a cartoon character to life. The ca...

That Guy Dick Miller (2014) 7.4

That Guy Dick Miller (2014)

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Storyline:Dick Miller is the last of the great American character actors. Whether sharing the screen with Nicholson, DeNiro, Schwarzenegger or The Ramones, Dick has been stealing scenes since his screen debut in 1955....