Tag: Derek Jarman

Caravaggio (1986) 6.6

Caravaggio (1986)

Storyline:Fictionalized biopic of famed 17th century Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio. As a young man, he gained the support of Cardinal Del Monte and Caravaggio proceeded to develop a new style of pa...

In the Shadow of the Sun (1981) 6.4

In the Shadow of the Sun (1981)

Storyline:A collection of Super 8 films shot by Derek Jarman between 1972 and 1975, edited to the music of Throbbing Gristle.User Reviews: Derek Jarman used some of his 70s home movie footage to produce this wonderful...

The Last of England (1987) 6.7

The Last of England (1987)

Storyline:The artist's personal commentary on the decline of his country in a language closer to poetry than prose. A dark meditation on London under Thatcher.User Reviews:

Ostia (1988) 8.0

Ostia (1988)

Storyline:Ostia is a fascinating short film directed by Julian Cole and produced for the Royal College of Art, which reconstructs the events leading up to the murder of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Ostia relocates the proceed...

Pirate Tape (1987) 7.5

Pirate Tape (1987)

Storyline:Derek Jarman's film portrait of American writer William S. Burroughs was shot in September 1982 during his first visit to England to attend the legendary Final Academy events at the South London Ritzy Cinema...

Sebastiane (1976) 7.6

Sebastiane (1976)

Storyline:Rome, AD 303. Emperor Diocletian demotes his favourite, Sebastian, from captain of the palace guard to the rank of common soldier and banishes him to a remote coastal outpost where his fellow soldiers, weake...

The Tempest (1979) 7.1

The Tempest (1979)

Storyline:Prospero, a potent magician, lives on a desolate isle with his virginal daughter, Miranda. He's in exile, banished from his duchy by his usurping brother and the King of Naples. Providence brings these enemi...

Wittgenstein (1993) 6.9

Wittgenstein (1993)

Storyline:A dramatization, in modern theatrical style, of the life and thought of the Viennese-born, Cambridge-educated philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), whose principal interest was the nature and limits o...

War Requiem (1989) 6.7

War Requiem (1989)

Storyline:A movie with no spoken dialogue, just follows the music and lyrics of Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem, which include World War I soldier poet Wilfred Owen's poems reflecting the war's horrors. It shows the s...

The Garden (1990) 6.8

The Garden (1990)

Storyline:A nearly wordless visual narrative intercuts two main stories and a couple of minor ones. A woman, perhaps the Madonna, brings forth her baby to a crowd of intrusive paparazzi; she tries to flee them. Two me...

Jubilee (1978) 6.1

Jubilee (1978)

Storyline:From the distant 16th century, Queen Elisabeth I summons the spirit Ariel with the aid of the court's alchemist, the sage Doctor John Dee, to witness the appalling revelation of a dystopian London drowned in...

Edward II (1991) 6.9

Edward II (1991)

Storyline:In this Derek Jarman version of Christopher Marlowe's Elizabethan drama, in modern costumes and settings, Plantagenet king Edward II hands the power-craving nobility the perfect excuse by taking as lover bes...