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Extremity (2018) 5.0

Extremity (2018)

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Storyline:A young woman with a severely troubled past signs up for an extreme haunt called Perdition. She believes that putting herself through Perdition's nightmarish trials will help her exorcise her internal trauma...

Lone Star (1996) 7.1

Lone Star (1996)

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Storyline:When the skeleton of his murdered predecessor is found, Sheriff Sam Deeds unearths many other long-buried secrets in his Texas border town.User Reviews:

Ask Me Anything (2014) 5.6

Ask Me Anything (2014)

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Storyline:Beautiful, wild, funny, and lost, Katie Kampenfelt takes a year off before college to find herself, all the while chronicling her adventures in an anonymous blog into which she pours her innermost secrets. E...

The Third Man (1949) 8.2

The Third Man (1949)

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Storyline:An out of work pulp fiction novelist, Holly Martins, arrives in a post war Vienna divided into sectors by the victorious allies, and where a shortage of supplies has led to a flourishing black market. He arr...