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Comes a Bright Day (2012) 6.1

Comes a Bright Day (2012)

Storyline:A romantic thriller set during the armed robbery of one of London's most exclusive jewelers.User Reviews: Want to watch characters have pretentious boring loooooong conversations about nothing while pianos o...

Submarine (2010) 7.3

Submarine (2010)

Storyline:Precocious Oliver struggles with being popular in school but when a dark-haired beauty takes interest in him, he's determined to become the best boyfriend in the world. Meanwhile, his parents' already rocky ...

Eternal Beauty (2019) 6.2

Eternal Beauty (2019)

Storyline:This movie follows Jane (Sally Hawkins) who, after being left at the altar, had a breakdown spiralled into a chaotic episode of schizophrenia lasting twenty years in which love (both real and imagined) and f...

"Red Oaks" The Verdict (TV Episode 2016) 8.2

"Red Oaks" The Verdict (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:Getty feels the heat as the jury verdict-and the club recall election-loom. With the summer winding down, Wheeler and Misty confront tough questions about what fall brings. David must define his own independ...

"Red Oaks" Fourth of July (TV Episode 2015) 8.1

"Red Oaks" Fourth of July (TV Episode 2015)

Storyline:With Red Oaks' Independence Day party in full swing, Getty enlists David as his coach for the upcoming club tennis championship, and Wheeler catches Misty's boyfriend in a compromising position. Meanwhile, J...

"Red Oaks" Paroled (TV Episode 2017) 7.7

"Red Oaks" Paroled (TV Episode 2017)

Storyline:A newly-paroled Getty makes a last-ditch effort to save Red Oaks from the wrecking ball. Sam's side business is dealt a major setback. Misty and Wheeler separately fend off unwanted advances. And David final...

"Red Oaks" Father’s Day (TV Episode 2016) 7.5

"Red Oaks" Father’s Day (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:Skye talks David into joining an uncomfortable Father's Day brunch with a less than thrilled Getty. Sam wants to celebrate with some father and son time of his own. Nash sets his romantic sights on a wealthy...

"Red Oaks" Old Flames (TV Episode 2016) 8.1

"Red Oaks" Old Flames (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:With the pressure of his trial weighing on him, Getty turns to an unusual confidante for moral support. One of Wheeler's students gets a little too close for comfort. And while Skye struggles to find her pla...

"Red Oaks" MDMA (TV Episode 2015) 7.7

"Red Oaks" MDMA (TV Episode 2015)

Storyline:David's romantic plans for Karen's birthday go awry, while Sam and Judy's marriage counselors give them a new "empathy" drug to tap into their romantic feelings, and Misty sets Wheeler up on the world's wors...

"Red Oaks" Action! (TV Episode 2017) 8.3

"Red Oaks" Action! (TV Episode 2017)

Storyline:As summer winds down, it's the end of an era for Red Oaks Country Club - but the start of a bright future for David Meyers and friends.User Reviews: I enjoyed the first season of this show and that is why I ...

"Red Oaks" The Bar Mitzvah (TV Episode 2015) 7.9

"Red Oaks" The Bar Mitzvah (TV Episode 2015)

Storyline:David's tensions with Barry, his recent night out with Skye, and his growing distance from Karen all threaten to derail a Red Oaks bar mitzvah he's been hired to film. All while Wheeler scrambles to recover ...

"Red Oaks" The Anniversary (TV Episode 2016) 8.1

"Red Oaks" The Anniversary (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:Tension bubbles as the Getty's celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary at the club. Meanwhile, Sam tracks down a lost love, Skye finds out about David's secret power lunches with her father, and Wheeler goe...

"Red Oaks" Paris (TV Episode 2016) 7.9

"Red Oaks" Paris (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:After revealing their feelings for each other at the end of last summer, David and Skye finally reunite in Paris to ring in New Year's 1986. But surprise guests threaten to ruin their romantic week in the Ci...

"Red Oaks" Samwich (TV Episode 2017) 7.5

"Red Oaks" Samwich (TV Episode 2017)

Storyline:While David angles to get hired to direct a dog food commercial, best friend Wheeler learns of a handsome rival for girlfriend Misty's affections. Nash visits Getty in prison, bringing dire news of a threat ...

"Red Oaks" The Bris (TV Episode 2016) 7.6

"Red Oaks" The Bris (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:David takes a freelance job videoing a bris and accepts Getty's invitation to lunch in the city. Back home, Judy enjoys Ladies Night with new friends, while Sam goes on a blind date.User Reviews:

"Red Oaks" Lost and Found (TV Episode 2016) 7.8

"Red Oaks" Lost and Found (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:Barry recruits David to film his bachelor party jaunt to Atlantic City, and Nash and Wheeler tag along for the most awkward road trip of their lives. Sam and Judy team up to search for his lost cat.User Revi...

"Red Oaks" The Wedding (TV Episode 2015) 7.4

"Red Oaks" The Wedding (TV Episode 2015)

Storyline:David talks Barry into hiring him to film a wedding at Red Oaks. While the club comes out to celebrate, Nash squares off with a rival to impress the father of the bride, and Wheeler ponders an eccentric stra...

"Red Oaks" Memorial Day (TV Episode 2016) 7.5

"Red Oaks" Memorial Day (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:As Red Oaks Country Club kicks off the summer season, David faces an uncertain future at school, while Wheeler tries to become something more than "just friends" with longtime crush Misty. Meanwhile, club pr...

"Red Oaks" Independence Day (TV Episode 2016) 7.6

"Red Oaks" Independence Day (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:Getty prepares for his trial on insider trading charges. Nash's romance with Widow Horowitz heats up. Meanwhile, David wonders if he may be too suburban for Skye's new city lifestyle.User Reviews:

"Red Oaks" Swingers (TV Episode 2015) 8

"Red Oaks" Swingers (TV Episode 2015)

Storyline:David is hired to film a sex tape for middle-aged swingers from the club, but the experience isn't quite the stuff of fantasy. Meanwhile, Karen tries her hand at modeling for Barry, and Judy throws a party f...

"Red Oaks" Labor Day Luau (TV Episode 2015) 8.3

"Red Oaks" Labor Day Luau (TV Episode 2015)

Storyline:As the end of summer approaches, David coaches Getty for the Red Oaks tennis championship, and the Red Oaks staff say their goodbyes. But there are big changes coming for the Meyers and the Gettys.User Revie...

"Red Oaks" After Hours (TV Episode 2015) 8.7

"Red Oaks" After Hours (TV Episode 2015)

Storyline:David and Skye ponder their respective futures, both romantic and professional, as they spend an evening in New York City. Wheeler and Misty spend the night driving around town and discussing life.User Revie...

"Red Oaks" Doubles (TV Episode 2015) 7.5

"Red Oaks" Doubles (TV Episode 2015)

Storyline:David finds himself swept into a surprising hustle when he agrees to be Getty's doubles partner for an outside-work tennis match. As David gets to know Getty's daughter, Skye, Nash nurtures dreams of playing...

"Red Oaks" The Wedding (TV Episode 2016) 7.9

"Red Oaks" The Wedding (TV Episode 2016)

Storyline:As Karen and Barry prepare to tie the knot, David finds himself grappling with a forlorn Nash, arguing parents, and stark choices for his future.User Reviews: