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Ex-Patriot (2017) 5.1

Ex-Patriot (2017)

Storyline:CIA analyst Riley Quinn lost everything when she blew the whistle on the US government. Hunted into exile, she escaped to Colombia. Two years later, Riley is living a loner lifestyle when suddenly CIA Agent ...

Java Heat (2013) 5.2

Java Heat (2013)

Storyline:Story centers on the aftermath of a suicide bombing in Indonesia, where a reckless American posing as a grad student is bent on vengeance but quickly finds that the world's problems can't be solved with viol...

Pocket Listing (2015) 5.6

Pocket Listing (2015)

Storyline:A satirical thriller about L.A.'s real estate roller coaster. Jack Woodman (James Jurdi) is a slick and hotshot Los Angeles property broker and real estate agent who appears on top of the world. But after ge...