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Condemned to Remember (2017) 8.5

Condemned to Remember (2017)

Storyline:Documentary about the life of Tomi Reichental, a Holocause survivor living in Ireland.User Reviews:

Dachau Liberation (2021)

Storyline:This amazing documentary presents interviews with former prisoners of the camp, who, in these terrible times, "were only numbers". Dachau...Hell on Earth. A place that brings back horrifying memories in thos...

The House on Telegraph Hill (1951) 7

The House on Telegraph Hill (1951)

Storyline:Victoria has survived Nazi concentration by assuming the identity of one who died there. She arrives in San Francisco to see her "son" just as the boy's great-aunt dies leaving a lot of money to be inherited...

Night and Fog (1956) 8.6

Night and Fog (1956)

Storyline:One of the most vivid depictions of the horrors of Nazi Concentration Camps. Filmed in 1955 at several concentration camps in Poland, the film combines new color and black and white footage with black and wh...

Kapò (1960) 7.6

Kapò (1960)

Storyline:Kapo is a black and white film that tells the story of a Jewish teenager sent to a concentration camp together with her parents. She manages to survive with the help of a Jewish doctor who gives her the iden...

Dead End Drive-In (1986) 6

Dead End Drive-In (1986)

Storyline:In the near future, drive-in theatres are turned into concentration camps for the undesirable and unemployed. The prisoners don't really care to escape because they are fed and they have a place to live whic...

#Anne Frank Parallel Stories (2019) 6.5

#Anne Frank Parallel Stories (2019)

Storyline:One single Anne Frank moves us more than the countless others who suffered just as she did but whose faces have remained in the shadows-Primo Levi. The Oscar®-winning Helen Mirren will introduce audiences to...

I Love You, I Love You Not (1996) 5.5

I Love You, I Love You Not (1996)

Storyline:Prep school student Daisy and her European-born grandmother Nana share the sad stories of their lives: Daisy tells Nana of her romance with young Ethan and problems in school because she's Jewish; and Nana t...

The Hiding Place (1975) 7.5

The Hiding Place (1975)

Storyline:Corrie and Betsie ten Boom are middle-aged sisters working in their father's watchmaker shop in pre-World War II Holland. Their uneventful lives are disrupted with the coming of the Nazis. Suspected of hidin...

Good Times, Wonderful Times (1966) 6.9

Good Times, Wonderful Times (1966)

Storyline:GOOD TIMES, WONDERFUL TIMES was Lionel Rogosin's plea for humanity and against war and fascism. For two years, Rogosin traveled to twelve countries to collect footage of war atrocities from their archives. H...

Odette (1950) 6.3

Odette (1950)

Storyline:The film is based on the true story of Special Operations Executive French-born agent Odette Sansom, who was captured by the Germans in 1943, condemned to death and sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp to ...

The Counterfeiters (2007) 7.4

The Counterfeiters (2007)

Storyline:The story Jewish counterfeiter, Salomon Sorowitsch, coerced into assisting the Nazi operation of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp during World War II.User Reviews:

Seven Beauties (1975) 8.1

Seven Beauties (1975)

Storyline:Nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Director, Seven Beauties stars Giancarlo Giannini (Swept Away) as Pasqualino Frafuso, known in Naples as User Reviews:

Escape from Sobibor (1987) 7.2

Escape from Sobibor (1987)

Storyline:During WWII, the death camp at Treblinka had an escape, causing the Commandant at a similar camp in Sobibor to vow (actually threaten) that his camp would never experience the same thing. But those who were ...

Naked Among Wolves (TV Movie 2015) 7.2

Naked Among Wolves (TV Movie 2015)

Storyline:Taking place at the Concentration camp Buchenwald at the end of March 1945, prisoner Hans Pippig discovers in a carrying case of an incoming prisoner a Jewish child. If reported the three-year-old is sure to...

Life Is Beautiful (1997) 8.6

Life Is Beautiful (1997)

Storyline:In 1930s Italy, a carefree Jewish book keeper named Guido starts a fairy tale life by courting and marrying a lovely woman from a nearby city. Guido and his wife have a son and live happily together until th...

Sophie’s Choice (1982) 7.6

Sophie’s Choice (1982)

Storyline:Sophie is the survivor of Nazi concentration camps, who has found a reason to live with Nathan, a sparkling if unsteady American Jew obsessed with the Holocaust. They befriend Stingo, the movie's narrator, a...

Death in Love (2008) 5

Death in Love (2008)

Storyline:During World War II, a Jewish woman saves her life thanks to a love affair with a doctor in charge of human experiments in a Nazi concentration camp. The woman then marries and moves to New York, where she r...